My decor on the American Indian route

My decor on the American Indian route

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Very trendy in fashion collections this winter, Indian patterns are inviting this summer in our interiors in bright and warm colors. Navajo prints and drawn feathers invade bed linen, cushions, poufs and even plaids to give a hippie chic note to your decor! A glance at the patterns to select to adopt this trend full of authenticity.

Navajo motif

Made up of very colorful geometric friezes, the navajo motif is a real must-have this summer. We adopt it without further delay as a cushion on an armchair or as a duvet cover in the bedroom. You can also get a multicolored plaid which will bring an ethnic chic touch to your sofa Very warm, it is also invited in the bathroom with pretty towels in red tones and even in carpet. Be careful though to use it sparingly. In small touches, it blends perfectly with interiors that favor natural materials such as wood or stone.

Photo credits: La Cabane des Ours / Becquet


Who says Indian necessarily says feathers! Delicate, poetic and typical of Indian headdresses, they bring a little lightness to the decor. We dare to force them in the bedroom by choosing a beautiful duvet cover covered with large feathers in pastel colors. You can also choose a cushion that will set the tone in the living room or even wallpaper that will energize the entrance.

Photos credit: Becquet