5 tips for making a decorative arbor

5 tips for making a decorative arbor

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Having an arbor is good! But having a decorative arbor is much better. Like all arbors, the decorative arbor will provide shade or a nice shelter for your dinners. It also has the advantage of creating an atmosphere at the very heart of your garden. Do you also want to make a decorative arbor? Here is a multitude of tips.

Tip # 1: Set up a base

To make your decorative arbor, you must have a base. If you want to make your entire arbor, start by making the skeleton. Determine a shape and a size then using wood or metal, create the structure while ensuring its stability. Once this structure is completed, you can make the roof. It is the latter that will protect you. It can consist of all kinds of fabric, natural coverings or even glass. Make sure that the assembly is well fixed. If you are not a handyman or a handyman, run to buy an arbor. Choose a sober and solid model that you will decorate to your taste thanks to the following tips!

Tip # 2: Decorate the feet

Whether for an event or a simple meal, do not hesitate to decorate the legs of the arbor. You can place ribbons, balloons or decorative objects. Our decorating tip is to decorate them with large pieces of fabric whose patterns will recall table decor. No need to take exactly the same decor! Play on the mix of patterns and colors, without overdoing it…

Tip # 3: Place plants

Whether on the feet or on the structure, you can place plants and flowers. We love climbing plants like ivy that will dress the arbor. But you can also opt for the Bignone and its orange flowers, the Clematis and its purple or white flowers, jasmine, honeysuckle and even the vine. If you are not afraid of gardening, be aware that plants can make up the roof of your arbor.

Tip # 4: Light up the arbor

A decorative arbor is a luminous arbor. For the lights, we love the guinguette type garland. It is available in white and colors. We also advise you to have one of each. So you will not run out of light and you will brighten up the atmosphere with a touch of color. You can also choose lanterns or Japanese balls.

Tip # 5: Create a trendy curtain

On one side of the arbor or on several, you can place curtains. These will be very useful for protecting you from the sun and wind. Choose your fabrics wisely. They can create a chic, glamorous or country atmosphere. To play with light, you can opt for lace-style fabrics or colored sheers. Do not hesitate to accessorize the set with pieces of fabrics of all kinds, decorative objects, flowers, butterflies, ribbons, etc. You can have several curtains to create several atmospheres.