Sewing: learning to gather a fabric

Sewing: learning to gather a fabric

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The gathers are used in sewing to tighten the news: 739845 fabric and thus give breadth to a garment. They are used in particular at the sleeves, wrists and even at the waist. 1. To start, make a knot on the thread and prick the needle on the place of the actu: 739845 fabric. Pull the needle out a few millimeters further down the right side as well.
2. Make regular straight stitches along the actu: 739845 fabric, then let hang a fairly long thread at the end of the line.
3. Make a second line of straight stitches parallel to the first a few millimeters below, then also let the thread hang at the end of the line.
4. Gently pull on the two threads at the end of the line to gather the news: 739845 fabric.
5. Finally, maintain the gathers by making a knot with the two threads. You can also temporarily block the gathers with a pin around which you wrap the two wires forming an eight.


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