In this pastel living room: 5 ideas to remember

In this pastel living room: 5 ideas to remember

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After the fashion catwalks, the pastel goes to the salon. Soft and refreshing, it invites itself with grace and adds a dose of magic. To adopt it without false note, we have sifted through this pastel living room atmosphere so that you can reproduce it at home.

Idea n ° 1: Pastel by touches

Pastel invades the decor. Pink dragee, sky blue, mint green, eggshell ... to name a few, creates a romantic atmosphere. But in order not to turn to nonsense, it is better to use it sparingly. In addition, do not hesitate to spice it up with one or two watermelon red pieces so as not to fall into a too regressive decor.
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Idea n ° 2: Walls, floor and ceiling are white

Highlight pastel colors by focusing on walls, a ceiling and a white floor. In addition to reflecting natural light, white offers a beautiful setting to let colors express themselves. Not stealing the show from them, it matches all the colors of the color wheel.
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Idea n ° 3: Wood in decorative hyphen

Warm the freshness of pastel shades by combining it with wood. Preferably blonde, he takes possession of the furniture, shelves and the coffee table in the living room.
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Idea n ° 4: Softness with textiles

Reinforce the cozy side by betting on soft-touch textiles. They are the primary source of sensation. Wool, skins, linen, velvet are therefore the preferred materials. They take the form of cushions, throw rugs, and curtains and are scattered throughout the room.
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Idea n ° 5: A Scandinavian-style decor

Blond wood, sorbet tones, white walls and floors are accessorized with Scandinavian style objects. Their clean lines, their graphic shapes and their vintage design help to reinforce a warm and charming atmosphere.
Photo credit: La Redoute