Pauline Legroux and Valentin Fayet present their “Haute-Culture” garden

Pauline Legroux and Valentin Fayet present their “Haute-Culture” garden

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Who says haute couture and gardening don't mix? Surely not Pauline and Valentin who, on the occasion of the 23rd Chaumont sur Loire Festival, created a "Haute-Culture" garden. Beautiful green dresses and masks allow everyone to go behind and pose. A nice interaction with visitors which was the starting point for the reflection of these two young architects.

Tell us about your background

Pauline : I have been an interior designer in Paris for a little over two years. I work mainly for individuals. I also worked in fashion as a scenographer. Valentine : Recently graduated in architecture, I strive to diversify my freelance activity towards interior architecture, design and graphics. However the culture of the garden is deeply rooted in my family and the landscape is a discipline that has always made me vibrate.
Photo credit: Globe Planter

How did you respect the theme proposed by the 23rd Festival de Chaumont sur Loire: the 7 deadly sins?

In order to sublimate the sins we decided to treat two by opposing them. We have transcribed pride in the face of envy in an atmosphere placing the visitor at the heart of the king's court where the contrast between envy and pride was at its peak. We also have more contemporary markers like the catwalks of fashion shows or connectivity to social networks.
Photo credit: Globe Planter

How did you imagine your "Haute-Culture" garden?

Above all, we were inspired by what surrounds us. At first, we wanted to highlight the valley of the kings where we grew up. The strong images of our garden (masks and dresses) echo this time. These are also the fashion elements that were the daily life of Pauline at the time when she designed catwalk for the biggest fashions designers. All these elements were put in place and then our collaboration with Jean Pouillart of Globe Planter made it possible to finalize our desires (textures and colors…). He really managed to transpose them into plant sculptures.
Photo credit: Globe Planter

You played a lot on the interaction with the visitor, why?

We are regulars of the festival and the gardens that had marked us were those where the visitor himself was an element of the project. It was obvious to us that the garden is not just ambulatory. The best way to free yourself from temptation is to succumb to it!
Photo credit: Globe Planter

Any advice for those who wish to embark on original creations for their garden?

The important thing is to have fun. The garden can be a pretty picture to decorate your home, but it would be so much better if it could be fun, fun, delusional! The garden is a reflection of who you are, so think of it based on your lifestyle. Think of your children, or grandchildren who play there, imagine that you receive friends there ... From there, a beautiful story will begin to be written. 23rd Chaumont sur Loire Festival Until November 2, 2014 More info: www.domaine-chaumont.fr/