Material focus: how to choose oil paint?

Material focus: how to choose oil paint?

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Oil paint is a type of paint, the solvent of which is an oil, usually linseed oil, mixed with color pigments. Its drying is extremely long: several weeks or even months! It allows you to work for a long time on the same work, and to be able to obtain texture effects by superimposing the layers. In addition to the many brands that exist, you will have the choice between several ranges of oil painting in tubes or in buckets. Some advice to make your choice.

The different ranges of oil painting

You will have to choose between the ranges:
  • study: economical, these are the least fine pigments, which are suitable for large canvases with a knife for example (without too much precision or details);
  • fine: the pigment is finer but not enough for precise details; it is good value for money for colors like black or brown, naturally intense and which do not require very fine pigments to be shimmering;
  • superfine: the pigments are very fine, the colors intense and vivid; one can thus obtain quality work which remains affordable in terms of price;
  • extra fine: high-end and therefore very expensive, it is easy to work with, the pigments are pure and intense (to be preferred for colors like white, red, blue).

Tips for choosing the right oil painting

In addition to the range of pigments used in the composition of the oil painting , you will also need to carefully choose your painting depending on the type of oil used as medium: always favor discolored linseed oil, slightly yellowing, or even flaxseed oil, not yellowing. Do not throw yourself on too good deals: the big cheap tubes are often filled with yellow or even brown oil and less rich in pigments: you will hardly realize beautiful works with this type of painting. Try to stick to a brand and range that works for you to avoid mixing, texture and drying issues.