Eurodif, decoration for everyone

Eurodif, decoration for everyone

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In the decoration world, Eurodif has established itself as a leader. Linens, tableware, kitchen utensils, decorative items, gift ideas are all essential items that we like to discover on the Eurodif shelves. The prices charged are very tight, allowing everyone to have fun. Bouchara, Time after Time are among the Eurodif universes and bring a touch of refinement to the interior decor.

Birth of a brand

It was in Brest, in 1921, that the ancestor store of Eurodif was born. First of all, it is a fashion house, Maison Léon, which very quickly became Léon Soldeur. The idea of ​​the founder - Léon Lascar - was to offer decorative items at low prices. Success is there. It must be recognized that this pioneer of clearance sales has some aptitudes for trade, a gift which he will transmit to his three sons, and which will be at the origin of this family saga. It was in the 1970s that the brand became Eurodif with the opening of around fifty stores in France.

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The Eurodif empire, from decoration to fashion

From generation to generation, the Lascar family is building a real empire by buying reputable stores such as Burton, Palais du Vêtement, Le Printemps or Devred and, in 1995, Bouchara. The number of Eurodif stores has increased tenfold in the space of a decade. The brand is diversifying its offer, adding low-cost clothing items to its shelves for adults and children.

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Eurodif, refined decoration at low prices

With the Bouchara collections, Eurodif puts refinement on the agenda. Bed linen and cushions are adorned with subtle colors and prints, full of softness. Dishes and table linen are of rare elegance. The Bouchara collections distributed by Eurodif appeal to lovers of fine linen and pretty dishes. They allow you to create a chic and timeless decor at a low price, and to bring the charm of yesteryear to your home. It is also in the Bouchara collections that we can find gift ideas that will be sure to please.

Deco for all occasions

There are plenty of opportunities to decorate your interior with a thousand lights. Whatever the event to celebrate, Eurodif allows everyone to find original ideas at very affordable prices. For the end of year celebrations for example, Eurodif is the obligatory passage. The decorations are presented there by the thousand. Authentic or glittery, they have something to sparkle the eyes of young and old.

Time after Time, an original collection

Full of charm, the original Eurodif collections - Time after Time - come in sumptuous colors. Pastel, monochrome, soft and romantic prints, delicate fabrics are all assets to create a cocooning style. Time after Time embellishes every moment: in the bathroom for a moment of your own, in the living room during convivial evenings, in the bedroom for cozy nights.

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