My decor in the colors of Greece

My decor in the colors of Greece

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Do you fall for the charm of small Greek villages whose houses with white walls and blue shutters face the sea? Give your interior a makeover to find this relaxing atmosphere full of elegance. In the bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen, the colors of Greece are a real invitation to travel and bathe each room with a beneficial serenity.

Tableware in blue and white

Porcelain and earthenware are inspired by a Greek breath by playing with shades of blue punctuated by immaculate white. Plates, serving dishes, tête-à-tête - plain or decorated with a thousand patterns - brighten up every meal without evoking the mythical Greek landscapes. Table linen is no exception to the rule, nor are potholders and other paper towels in azure blue cotton, midnight blue and white. An atmosphere full of freshness that can be warmed up in a pretty yellow sun by skillfully placed touches here and there.

Photo credit: Delamaison

A Greek style living room

To evoke the Greek islands which dot the so deep blue Ionian and Aegean seas, the dominant color of the living room is obviously blue which is available in a very rich range of tones. From pale blue to almost black blue, all shades are allowed, from furniture to curtains, frames and decorative items to carpets. To make these different blues brighter, pure white is essential. We can support the Greek style with some objects from mythology. White staff columns become a majestic link between the living room and the dining room. corner sofa in white Alcantara on a gigantic vibrant blue carpet reminiscent of the sea, friendly table with white central foot and bevelled glass top to evoke the transparency of the water, electric blue picture windows will inevitably remind Greece.

Photo credit: Dulux Valentine

A Greek bedroom for rest

Blue and white help to calm things down, and blend perfectly in the bedroom. This place dedicated to rest but also to intimacy lends itself particularly to the Greek style. White tulle canopy, navy blue sheets, white and blue printed duvet cover, Flokati rug in pure immaculate virgin wool, pastel blue wispy curtains for transparency are all neat details that are sure to evoke crystal clear waters and the white sand of the great Greek beaches. A room with a romantic decoration where the golden wood furniture will add to the elegance already present.

Photo credit: Delamaison

What tones to match with the colors of Greece?

You can add a few hints of red, orange or yellow to warm up or sparkle the colors of Greece. They create a striking contrast between their warm notes and the freshness of blue and white. More neutral, browns like chocolate or glossy brown create a refined harmony with the Greek style. An association that does not lack appeal in a bathroom with window open to nature. Finally, in an office predominantly cyan blue and white, we opt for light notes of green, a color that helps to focus and evokes the large pine forests of the island of Skopelos. Simplicity is essential so as not to interrupt meditation: a few white frames will suffice to highlight photographs of Mykonos, a splendid white nugget posed on the sea, of the Saronic Gulf or of Athens.

Photo credit: Delamaison