Open shelves in the kitchen: for or against?

Open shelves in the kitchen: for or against?

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The advantages of open shelves in the kitchen

First advantage, and not least, open shelves are more aesthetic and refined than kitchen storage classics. It is true that the elements placed on it are judiciously chosen, often colored and harmonious, in order to obtain a nice rendering ... The result is therefore more trendy and modern than an imposing kitchen cupboard, with an old-fashioned and unattractive image!

Another advantage: the open shelves enlarge the space! Yes Yes ! Be sure that if you swap classic kitchen items for open, therefore more ventilated shelves, you will visually enlarge your room. This observation will be all the more true if you choose open shelves in light wood or white that do not increase the space.

Are your drawers overflowing and your kitchen cupboards full? Bring more functionality to your open kitchen with open shelves, which will allow you to have additional storage. Space saving guaranteed!

Finally, it's easier to customize open shelves than classic storage! With the shelves open, all decorations are allowed according to tastes and desires. You can hang a light garland, place a green plant, vases of colors or even a collection of vintage boxes ... Your kitchen will be that more personal and unique!

The disadvantages of open shelves in the kitchen

even though open shelves have several advantages in cooking, they still have some disadvantages. First, they are less hygienic than closed kitchen storage since the dust collects more there. So, we advise you to place on your open shelves the utensils you use daily to prevent them from getting dirty without being used. Judicious, right?

Second drawback: open shelves are less compartmentalized than traditional kitchen storage. There are no drawers or cupboards with several reinforcements… You can only place books, pots, storage boxes and others at random; storage possibilities are, in fact, less!

And think that everything you display on your open shelves will be revealed in plain sight ! Everything you put on your shelves should be aesthetic and in keeping with the style and decoration of your kitchen. Besides, to enhance your open shelves and bring charm to your kitchen, you will need to display pretty tableware sets, trendy decorative items or vintage cake boxes… In short, it can be a puzzle for some!

Finally, of course, who says open shelf also says impeccable cuisine ! If your dishes are not tidy, or if your exhibits are dirty or messy, your entire kitchen will appear messy. And it will look bad when your guests enter the kitchen…

Finally, for or against the open shelves in the kitchen?

Functional and decorative, open shelves are the big trend in kitchen storage. You can adopt them immediately to transform your kitchen into a ultra modern space in the mood of time. However, you must be aware of their drawbacks before redoing your room at the risk of screaming at the slightest layer of dust that has settled there or at the least storage to be executed.


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