Pier Import, the decor of the world

Pier Import, the decor of the world

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At Pier Import, everyone can indulge their passion for decoration. Furniture, various objects, tableware are available in varied and original collections. From rustic to contemporary, each style is represented. Pier Import offers a multitude of objects from elsewhere, authentic, rare and of quality. Thus, creating a decor inspired by trips to the end of the world is within everyone's reach. Fine woods, trendy colors, trendy accessories: inspiration is found in Pier Import stores.

History of a brand

It was in San Francisco that Pier One began to distribute handicrafts from India. The Import for these small objects was born Pier Import. Its goal: to allow everyone to evolve in a warm atmosphere, in the midst of unusual, decorative and often rare furniture and objects from around the world. A true inspiration for travel, Pier Import opened its first French boutique in 1972. Since then, its success has never wavered. Pier Import pays great attention to the quality of the products sold, but also to their origin and distributes only objects and furniture registered in compliance with environmental and social requirements.
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Pier Import: diversity and quality

Pier Import follows the trend in decoration, allowing everyone to have fun and bring an original touch to their interior. Pier Import caters for all budgets, puts interior makeovers within everyone's reach, and guarantees good value for money. Its collections are constantly renewed so that the offer is always richer. In fact, since 2011, the brand has been offering exclusive furniture branded "PierImport Exclusivité". The variety of styles is such that each interior can be personalized to look like no other. Romantic, design and colorful, ethnic: the decoration is enriched with accessories and authentic furniture.
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From rustic to timeless chic

Pier Import has what it takes to decorate lovers with its many collections capable of meeting the most varied tastes. Among them, the bohemian style is in the spotlight with the delicately sculpted TESSA collection; of classic inspiration, the Origin collection - one of the Pier Import exclusives - stands out for its elegance with its solid mahogany structures tinted in trendy tones. At Pier Import, there is also something to decorate a loft or give your home an industrial touch: the Rio collection elegantly combines metal and exotic wood for a resolutely modern look. As for the Romane collection - another exclusive to the brand - it is ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere.
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Eye for detail

Pier Import also offers many objects and accessories intended to create a completely personal atmosphere. From famous scented candles (Yankee Candle) to tableware, comfortable cushions to carpets of all styles, every detail counts. Small storage boxes to accumulate in the office, in the children's room or in the kitchen available in all shapes. They are enriched with sometimes tender, sometimes humorous, even romantic patterns to be in perfect harmony with the surrounding decor. And so that the outdoor space is also in trend, Pier Import distributes elegant, comfortable and excellent quality garden furniture.

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