Meridiani, refined furniture

Meridiani, refined furniture

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Meridiani furniture - a symbol of elegance - stands out as much for its beauty as for its quality. Pure lines, noble materials declined in soft tones: the Italian label is absolutely essential to add to the interior decoration a touch of refinement. For a high-end living room, dining room or bedroom, everyone can draw from the Meridiani collections furniture born from Italian know-how.

Birth of a brand

Meridiani is a luxury furniture brand, born in 1996 from the passion of Laura Ferraro Crosti for beautiful creations of impeccable quality. Laura - endowed with an innate sense of elegance - first works in close collaboration with a young designer: Andrea Parisio, who is still the brand's artistic director today. Meridiani has been offering timeless collections for almost twenty years, which are still in keeping with the trend. The manufacture of the furniture is entrusted to experienced Italian craftsmen and with indisputable know-how. With Meridiani furniture, interior decoration becomes upscale.
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Meridiani or the purity of the lines

What seduces at first glance, these are the pure lines which are imprinted with chairs (Diaz Due), sofas and Meridiani armchairs but also tables like Gong, Clooney, Hardy Tre or Douglas and consoles such as Hurt. A purity that is also found in the line of screens to install in a bedroom, a bathroom or to create an intimate space in a large living room. Like the Scott, Tuyo, and Lewis beds, Meridiani bedroom furniture helps create an atmosphere conducive to rest. To accommodate our favorite books, the Cooper, Hardy or Douglas libraries are both judicious and original.
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Meridiani sofas and armchairs

With the wide-angle sofas by Meridiani, you are guaranteed to be perfectly installed. The label combines comfort and elegance so that well-being and pleasure of the eyes become one. For example, Belmondo Modular, Guinness, Lewis up or even Bacon are among the best-selling Meridiani bestsellers for convivial moments. As for the armchairs of the Italian brand, they are also designed in the rules of Italian art. Quinn, a creation by Andrea Parisio launched in 2004, is among Meridiani's flagship products. We like to curl up for a brief moment or a long parenthesis just to ourselves. Likewise, the shepherdess Garbo and her beanbag invite classy relaxation.

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Paris showroom: pure refinement

As you can see by going to the Meridiani Showroom located rue Poussin in the XVIth arrondissement of Paris, Meridiani furniture - many of whose collections are named after stars - is made from fine materials. Wood, fabrics, leather, lacquers are magnified. Meridiani creations are presented in neat staging allowing each visitor to project themselves. Prestance, luxury and elegance await you.
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