A facelift to my toilet for less than 150 euros

A facelift to my toilet for less than 150 euros

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Completely neglected for years, you have made the right resolution this year to offer your toilets the fresh blow they so much dream of. So that the decor is finally to your taste in this room without exploding your budget, we have listed four ideas for a total cost of 150 euros. Get inspired ...

Apply a strip of original wallpaper: 39.90 euros per roll

Start by laying a strip of wallpaper in the bottom of your toilet to give the starting point of the decorative style. For a mineral and natural atmosphere for example, we favor light tones such as beige, taupe or gray. The ideal is to dare a stone effect wallpaper that will allow you to impose the style without costing you as much as a real wall in facing.
Photo credit: Leroy Merlin

Adopt a pvc floor: 18.95 euros per m2 or 56.85 euros for 3m2

After taking care of the walls, go to the floor! The latter must be easy to install to facilitate your task during the renovation and easy to maintain on a daily basis. We suggest you PVC slats which perfectly imitate parquet and which have the advantage of being easy to clean and above all not being too expensive!
Photo credit: Porcelanosa

Opt for an original toilet seat: 34.90 euros

Also think about the details that will make the difference in your toilet. An unusual flap can immediately create another atmosphere in the room. Printed New York, animals, pebbles ... you are spoiled for choice to bring the desired atmosphere to your little corner.
Photo credit: Leroy Merlin

Heat with a carpet: 9.95 euros

Finally, do not be afraid to adopt a carpet in your toilet. Be careful though that the latter is not too large at the risk of suffocating the decor. We love the small, simple, colorful round models that warm the atmosphere in the blink of an eye!
Photo credit: Leroy Merlin