A facelift to my veranda for less than 200 euros

A facelift to my veranda for less than 200 euros

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The veranda brings the outside into your home. Accentuate this notion to give it back a little presence. Here are 4 decorating ideas for her to find appeal in the eyes of the whole family.

Restoring radiance to the structure: 40 euros per can of paint

Paint the structure in a color other than white. Basque red, industrial black, Scandinavian taupe will accentuate the original architecture of the room to remind us that we are in a room different from the rest of the house.
Photo credit: Vie et Véranda

Warm the floor with a carpet: 69.90 euros

The veranda is a room flooded with light. A sought-after attraction but which can contribute to establishing a cold appearance. To do this, warm the ambient atmosphere by placing a large carpet on the floor. And good news, here dark colors are welcome. The clarity of the place allows the use of dark colors.
Photo credit: Vie et Véranda

Install a wooden end table: 59.90 euros

Choose light furniture to highlight this special atmosphere. Light wooden furniture such as poplar, rattan, birch or pine is highly recommended in this style of room open to nature. Its natural and authentic appearance will be a link between the garden and the rest of the house.
Photo credit: Maison du Monde

Create a green wall: 14.90 euros

Rediscover the beauty of nature by creating a plant wall made up of potted plants. They will blur the line between the outside and the inside all the more!
Photo credit: Téva Déco Decorative cash register receipt: 184.70 euros