Our decorative inspirations with a graphic carpet

Our decorative inspirations with a graphic carpet

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For several years, graphic rugs have warmed our floors and brought pep to our interiors. They are found everywhere, at all prices, all dimensions, in all colors, for all tastes.

Ethnic carpet or geometric carpet, art deco or craft spirit, the graphic carpet has become a must-have for interior decoration.

It must be said that the rugs have always been a simple and effective element of decoration: simple to install, because you just have to unroll it in the desired location. Effective because a beautiful carpet can immediately add cachet to a room or cover a damaged floor.

The graphic carpet, to adopt in small touches

Graphic rugs often represent geometric shapes: round, square, triangle ... Straight or zizgag patterns that sometimes recall Aztec, artisanal or ethnic patterns.

These rugs are often strong pieces, which add character to the room. If you are not sure how to adopt it or if you tend to get bored of your decoration quickly, it is recommended to opt for a graphic carpet in black and white hues. Timeless, they adapt more easily to your interior.

If you want to play on graphics, you can make a few reminders of your graphic carpet in the room: with illustrations for example, or by cushions with graphic prints.

The graphic carpet in a Scandinavian interior

Scandinavian-inspired interiors are often very refined. Composed of classic colors like black, white or gray, they can quickly be sad if we stick to a minimalist decoration.

A graphic carpet, in black and white shades, allows to add pep's and relief to the room, without either being in absolute contrast with the rest of the decoration. If you want to add a touch of color to the whole, prefer a graphic rug in pastel shades, with pink, green or blue for example.

The most daring will opt for a 70's-inspired graphic rug, in a warmer color such as yellow or orange. This type of carpet is also suitable for a Scandinavian interior, and makes it warmer.

To remind the symmetrical side of the carpet, we can come and play on very classic frames, which we hang on the walls of the room.

Dare the ethnic inspired graphic carpet

If you want to add color to your interior, think about ethnic inspired graphic rug ! With their geometric patterns and their wide variety of colors, there is bound to be a model that suits your interior.

The ethnic graphic carpet the best known and easiest to adopt is the Berber carpet. Often made of white wool with geometric patterns in black wool, it can be installed in a living room, a dining room as well as in a bedroom. Some models, more original and more worked, have woven sheep bands. This brings relief to the room.

By opting for an ethnic graphic carpet with natural shades, such as brown, ocher, vegetable green ... We create a more boho atmosphere. Perfect if you have a decoration inspired by nature.

For a vintage effect, why not choose a graphic carpet with slightly faded hues ? As worn by time? An aged effect which however brings cachet to a room. We reserve it to be placed under the dining table or in the living room.

Ethnic graphic rugs can be more loaded than Scandinavian graphic rugs. The edge of the carpet can thus be covered with fringes. The colors of the carpet can be bright, like Mayan or African inspired carpets.

In these cases, the ethnic carpet is a real decorative element, around which you can create a whole universe in your interior. It can also be the final touch to an assumed ethnic decoration.


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