Tutorial kids: making a sling

Tutorial kids: making a sling

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Claire defines herself as a "compulsive hacker". Knitting, sewing, modeling, cooking, she shares her talents as a jack-of-all-trades on her blog Claire in all its glory, but also on her online stores Dawanda and A little Market, where she sells her mosaic creations. But today, we find it for a DIY for children, a DIY sling with three times nothing!


You will need: - a branch with a fork which will be the base of your sling (note that already, this will occupy your toddlers a small part of the afternoon and that it is more motivating for them to go in search of the ultimate weapon and to rummage in all the thickets than to just go "walking in the countryside") - elastic enough thin but with a fairly strong tension - a piece of news: 739845 rigid fabric (leather, canvas, or like here, the label of an old jeans) - a hole punch (or a simple nail and a hammer)


1. Drill two small holes in your piece of leather or actu: 739845 fabric
2. Slide the two pieces of elastic into the holes and tie them tightly tightening the knots.
3. Make a small mark with a felt about 10 cm from the label on your elastic. The two lengths of elastic must be the same length to aim straight. Then tie at the place of the mark, tighten tight and make several knots. The assembly must be able to withstand the tension of the shot.


And here you are, ready to play Indian! It goes without saying that a slingshot remains a dangerous object and that only soft projectiles should be used in the presence of an adult.
Thanks to Claire for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your DIY slings on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!