The work survival guide: how to empty a room?

The work survival guide: how to empty a room?

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Before emptying a room, you tell yourself that the task is not that difficult, and yet ... Emptying a room means storing, emptying the furniture and above all, moving this furniture. You have to be able to find your belongings, protect fragile things and not damage the furniture, even if it seems to weigh tons. How to do ? Here is our work survival guide: how to empty a room.

Step 1: Equip yourself

And yes, your hands will not be enough to empty a room. You need cartons, covers or suitcases for your clothes, bubble wrap for fragile or precious objects and above all enough to move your furniture. Provide small boxes or envelopes for the screws and bolts of each piece of furniture you wish to dismantle and of course the appropriate tools. Also plan one or two people, good friend type, to help you. The task will be carried out more quickly and in a good mood.
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Step 2: Clear

Before emptying a room, you must clear it. It is at this moment that the most disorderly envy the most maniacs who, let's face it, have less work. Sort, throw away, store what has no place in this famous room to get rid of, etc. In short, do what you would do if your parents-in-law came.

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Step 3: Empty the furniture

Everything is tidy? You now have the space necessary to empty the contents of your furniture and fill your boxes like your suitcases. Don't hesitate to sort it out, but don't dwell on the old letters of your childhood loves or on the photos of Auntie Huguette's 60th birthday. Remember to number your boxes and write their contents on a notebook.

Step 4: Move your furniture

For practical reasons, start by evacuating furniture that does not take apart like sofas, or that you do not want to take apart because, oh miracle, it passes the door! Do not drag your furniture. Use a hand truck or skates to move them more easily. Pay special attention to antique furniture. Be aware that when you put your furniture back in place, you will need to check all of the hardware and probably tighten it.
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Step 5: Disassemble your furniture

Your gigantic Norman wardrobe does not pass the door? What a pity ! It must be dismantled. Bring your motivation, a screwdriver, and small boxes or envelopes to put your hardware. If possible, you should be two to dismantle the imposing furniture.

Step 6: Empty the walls

Are you planning to do work or decoration? So you have to empty the room but also everything on the walls. Take off all your frames, your wall shelves, your mirrors, your curtains or even your light fixtures. Clean the room if necessary and congratulate yourself on your work.


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