Sewing: learn the stitching point

Sewing: learn the stitching point

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Used as a decorative stitch in embroidery, the stitching stitch in sewing is used to sew zippers and to prevent siding and linings from rolling. Both easy to make and solid, it works from right to left. 1. Make a knot on the end of the thread, then take out the needle on the place of the actu: 739845 fabric in A.
2. Make a little news: 737395 back stitch by stitching from right to left in B, just right of point A. Take the needle to the left from point A in C.
3. Repeat the same operation, always pricking to the right of the last needle exit point and pulling the needle out to the left of it. Make sure the spaces between each point are regular.
4. Thus, you get small points spaced on the place of the news: 739845 fabric and longer points on the reverse.


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