Design Letters: Danish design to the letter

Design Letters: Danish design to the letter

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The young Danish brand Design Letters celebrates the great architect Arne Jacobsen, using everyday objects, mugs, vases, pencil jars and more, a typography that he created in 1937. D'Arne Jacobsen, we know the Egg chair of course - which he created with the Swan model in 1958 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen - or the Ant chair - designed in 1952, originally for a pharmaceutical laboratory . We know less about the typography he designed in 1937 for the Aarhus town hall. This was without counting the young Danish brand Design Letters which has been using it since 2009 with first a series of wooden letters then since 2011 with a series of typographical objects.
A typography with clean and efficient lines - not surprising for an architect who was preparing to become one of the great representatives of the Danish functionalist current, always in search of a rational and functional architecture - highlighted on objects with all Scandinavian sobriety.
If the concept is available on mugs, boxes, candle holders, notebooks, etc., we cannot resist the timeless charm of melanin tableware for children.


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