The Chinese portrait of Jean Louis Iratzoki

The Chinese portrait of Jean Louis Iratzoki

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Born in Saint Jean de Luz in 1965, Jean Louis Iratzoki graduated in Interior Architecture at the Boulle Paris school and in Industrial Design at the Experimental School in Madrid. In 2000, he founded his workshop in the Basque Country and since then continues to multiply collaborations with small and large companies, both in terms of product design and artistic direction: Alki, Retegui, Treku, Bosc ... Or Goiko, a very beautiful brand born from its collaboration with Goicochea, a pottery founded in the 1950s in the Basque Country. In each of these objects, we find this purity of lines, this simplicity - apparent - this authenticity which seem to characterize the work of Jean Louis Iratzoki. Meet at the corner of a Chinese portrait. If you were an object, you would be ... A pair of sandals, biodegradable, fragile and durable at the same time. If you were a color, you would be ... Warm gray, which can accommodate all other colors
The central element of the Laga collection designed for Goiko is an enameled terracotta dish which becomes a vase, a fruit bowl, a storage compartment… If you were a chair, you would be ... The one I'm sitting on in my office, a "Laia" made with care by the Alki cooperative. Wood wool and comfort.
The Laia chair (Alki) has been designed to be comfortable, pleasant to the eye as well as to the touch. The back of the chair is made of wool felt while the seat can be covered with leather or fabrics. If you were a book, you would be ... Chipped and full of remarks ... If you were a movie, you would be ... Trip to Tokyo by Yasujiro Ozu or much more recent Winter sleep from Turkish Nuri Bilge Ceylan. If you were a lamp, you would be ... The nomadic lamp "Cesta" by Santa Cole designed in 1962 by Miguel Milà… If you were a country, you would be ... A country under construction, the Basque Country for example. Or Brazil, a country that is not shy.
The Petra table (Retegui) is carved from the block of marble.If you were a city, you would be ... New York, city that I do not know and on which my imagination often arises. If you were a subject, you would be ... Stone, more precisely sandstone, constituting the flysch of the Atlantic coast. It resists the assaults of the ocean and time while offering a breathtaking spectacle. If you were a smell, you would be ... The smell of the ocean. Iodine and salt after the storm.
Named after this giant wave that forms off the Basque coast in autumn, the Belharra office (Treku) is doubled like a wave, offering one or two (depending on the model) storage spaces.


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