Organize your kitchen drawers with silicone

Organize your kitchen drawers with silicone

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Silicone is a substance that is used to carry out work, since it is found in joints and glues. It is also a substance found in kitchens. Indeed, today many brands use silicone to create non-stick dishes that can be used in a microwave as in an oven. There are even silicone drawer bottoms to protect your furniture. How to organize your drawers with silicone? Here are the editorial tips.

Protected drawer bottoms

Kitchen designers and stores specializing in home improvement market silicone drawer bottoms. Very practical, this coating helps protect furniture like dishes. They are particularly useful in drawers where there are items that break. One of the major advantages of silicone is that it is non-slip, so you have nothing to fear for your glasses or your valuable dishes. The silicone drawer bottoms are sold in the form of rolls. It's up to you to cut them to the dimensions of the different drawers that make up your kitchen.
To protect your drawers while making your storage easier, the DrawerDecor brand has created a drawer organizer kit. Thanks to this silicone element, you will find your utensils in record time since they each have their place!

Practical and foldable dishes

To help you organize your drawers, you can also opt for silicone dishes. In addition to being colorful, it can be foldable. So your colanders, dishes or salad bowls take up almost no space. The Lékué or Sea To Summit brands each have a silicone range. Another major advantage of silicone is that it combines healthy cooking. Thanks to the silicone foil you can cook steamed dishes. Pie, muffin or cake pans are non-stick, no need to abuse butter to turn out your delicious little dishes. You will understand, you have every reason to adopt silicone in your kitchen!