A facelift in my seaside bathroom for less than 240 euros

A facelift in my seaside bathroom for less than 240 euros

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The seaside style still appeals to the bathroom. You have chosen this decorative spirit and you are right! But it's been a while… Follow these well-advised tips to give your seaside bathroom a fresh start.

Opt for aqua blue: 30 euros a can of paint

To start this express makeover, we advise you to bring a little courage, but also a good pot of aqua blue paint. Rising in the trendy color barometer, it is both soft and fresh in appearance. Perfect to put your bathroom in the right direction of the trend.

Add wood by touches with a tray: 8 euros

Update the bathroom accessories and bet on the soothing power of blond wood. A simple tray placed on the edge of the sink to stage your favorite products will go perfectly with the aqua blue of the southern seas. Perfect match !

Rekindle with orange: 9.90 euros per towel

To stimulate everything we advise you to change your bath towels. But unlike the traditional blue and white opt for orange instead. A dose of bright color that will revitalize it all.

My beautiful mirror: 7 euros

And finally, hang on the wall a large round mirror that evokes the portholes of boats. That way you will have the impression of dropping the moorings every morning!

Unify the floor with PVC tiles: 90 euros

Truncate your old tiles against a PVC floor that is much softer and more pleasant to the feet. Its solid color and velvety finish will give your bathroom a more cocooning appearance.