The Chinese portrait of Mr & Mrs Clynk

The Chinese portrait of Mr & Mrs Clynk

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The creations of designers Mr & Mrs Clynk are simple, functional - their collection of spikes and brooms for Andrée Jardin would almost make you want to clean up! -, colorful… Jérôme is an interior designer, trained at the Olivier de Serres school. He worked alongside Andrée Putman for 7 years before joining the Bodin & Associates agency. While Karine is a textile designer, trained at the Duperée school and in Decorative Arts, she worked for 15 years as a textile designer in the world of children's fashion. Since 2006, they have been developing with Mr & Mrs Clynk the design of objects and the textile world. Meet this couple of designers from Nantes… If you were an object, you would be ... Our broom designed for Andrée Jardin which reflects our taste for useful and beautiful objects. If you were a color, you would be ... Impossible, all! If you were a chair, you would be ... The Hans J. Wegner Flag armchair, a dream…

Andrée jardin entrusted the reindeer of one of her collections to Mr & Mrs Clynk If you were a book, you would be ... A backpacker's guide. If you were a movie, you would be ... Barry Lindon , music, wonderful images and epic. If you were a lamp, you would be ... A candle.
Retro spirit for textile collection If you were a country, you would be ... Benin, we spent two years in West Africa at the end of our studies and we remained in love with the country and especially the meetings that we made there. If you were a famous monument, you would be ... Djenné mosque

Delicate dishes at Atomic Soda If you were a city, you would be ... Nantes, we have been there for 8 years and it is for us the perfect balance between city and sea. If you were a subject, you would be ... Porcelain, we love working with our collections of ceramics which are representative of our work and our respective profiles, a mix between shape, pattern and color. If you were a smell, you would be ... The orange blossom.