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. "Bel'm French leader in the front door, for the construction and renovation of individual houses. In this show,3 glass and grid entry doors, PLAGNE model, adapt perfectly to the different openings of this charming residence and represent the unlimited possibilities of tailor-made Bel'M: - a majestic tailor-made entrance, with a double-leaf door, a glass fanlight and two fixed windows while sleeping for maximum brightness in the living room - a more standard door with the same aesthetic for the parents' bedroom - a low door for the entrance to the studio on the 1st floor Identical aesthetics, which meet in this architecture in patio shape to keep the charm of yesteryear. In a traditional spirit, these wooden doors of carved design 78 mm, brings you optimal sound and thermal performance. They are also equipped with an automatic 5-point lock with 2 rollers and 2 hooks for increased security. All of these 3 doors personalize this house and enhance this heritage property, while respecting the spirit of the place. BEL'M Find all of our products on The site was laid by our customer Techni Murs 45 - Mr Anthony COUETTE - Ingre (45140) - Tel. : 02 38 43 45 45 - Mail: [email protected] For this project, MENUISIER-CONSEIL delivered joinery from the REVELATION range in the two-tone color anthracite gray RAL 7016 on the outside and white RAL 9016 on the inside. Our REVELATION windows and French windows combine performance, comfort and contemporary aesthetics that will beautify your home and bring you real interior comfort. But it is above all PVC joinery "Origin France Guarantee": all of our PVC joinery is made to measure, in Les Vosges, and is installed by reseller partners near you. All information on our products and our resellers: For this site, it is our partner DROUET ET FILS, located in POILLY LEZ GIEN (45500) which installed all the closures . Since 1990, the company DROUET ET FILS is at your service for all your closings (windows, doors, shutters, verandas ...). All information about our partner: MENUISIER-CONSEIL: brand of Windows, Doors and Shutters. For any contact with MENUISIER-CONSEIL: Site: Mail: [email protected] Postal address: ZI Les Ecorces 88250 LA BRESSE For all contact with DROUET ET FILS: Site: Tel: 02 38 67 71 69 Mail: [email protected] Postal address: 46 Route de bourges 45500 POILLY LEZ GIEN


. ESCAKIT, manufacturer of custom-made staircases, offers you a wide selection of staircases. Our experts are at your disposal to analyze the characteristics of the staircase you are looking for. Our know-how ensures you an adapted design and the respect of your constraints. We offer wooden stairs (oak) or metal (iron, wrought iron) and in straight, quarter-turn, angle, spiral, central stringer, etc. Services "Express staircase" within 8 days. We manufacture in Indre and our wood comes from TRONCAIS woods (renowned for its quality).The wood is PEFC certified (Quality Label) and we deliver throughout France. ESCAKIT Meet us at our point of sale located 16 avenue Lavoisier 93700 DRANCY Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment: 06 62 25 00 07


. Maxisol® panels for fast and efficient insulation of floors Insulating the floors of a house is essential for guarantee its comfort and save energy . Maxisol® expanded polystyrene panels from the Placo® brand represent an efficient and quick solution to implement to ensure good thermal insulation . Resistant to compression and insensitive to moisture, they can be installed below, as above the slab of the house. For more information, visit 25 m3 of concrete Advanci Métal slab CEMEX Concrete , this product is self-leveling which allows rapidity and ease of implementation of the concrete. it also contains so-called structural metal fibers, which makes it possible to replace the welded mesh, the fiber is in the form of metal needles distributed throughout the total thickness of the concrete to limit the risks of cracking and reinforce the structure of the concrete slab. The concrete has been delivered to the pump. It is a tool that allows the concrete to be brought to the pouring location when it is not or not very accessible and to improve the speed of concrete implementation. Partners:CEMEX concretes N ° 1 worldwide in ready-mixed concrete Site: Burgundy nuanced beige tiles - 4 dimensions, 11 different imprints (copy of old paving) Manufacturer:S.A Martial Grux Mail: [email protected] Address: 49 Route de Beaune 21190 Corpeau Tel: Fax: Reseller list: Regis Gauzelin Company 2 rue de l 'Aujon 52210 Saint loup sur Aujon [email protected] tel: SARL M.T.P 21190 Meursault [email protected] tel: Chocolate shaggy rug 160x230 - SCANDINAVE MY BEAUTIFUL MAT Website: @: [email protected] Postal address: Deco B to C, 13 rue des Sablons, 45140 Ormes Tel:


. The installed product is an IRON 2 (1 door station and 2 monitors). IRON2 is an evolving videophone. With its large 18cm color screen, it allows you to identify a visitor, give them remote access and, in case of absence, record their passage. IRON 2 can be upgraded to an additional monitor and a door station (in the case of a 2nd entry) or a video surveillance camera. Scalable 1 family or 2 families (call button which is split in 2) With its multimedia mode, it is the most complete videophone on the market. EXTEL Product available in all DIY stores, as well as on the merchant site: Our catalogs: // Lang = FR


. "HARRY" sofa The "harry" sofa is generous with its large rounded cuffs, comfortable with multi-cushions, chic and charming with its skirt and piping. "Charm" product with rounded shapes, with skirt and piping. "SALOME" shepherdess The "salomé" shepherdess has a lumbar support and a high backrest for good comfort. This product is also "chic and charming" with its piping and skirt. HOME SPIRIT French and Belgian company manufacturer and supplier of seats and decorative textiles. You will find all the references on the site: The contact details are: 03 28 33 07 28 (standard) [email protected] TV cabinet limed linen for a romantic style, brand AMADEUS Linen ceruse coffee table, curved legs for a romantic living room, Amadeus brand: THE ATTIC OF JULIETTE [email protected] tel: 09 67 34 94 72 Delivery is offered everywhere in France 620681 Medallion chair. 94 x60 x59 cm GARDEN OF ULYSSE // Reader number: Grainetier dresser Sainte-Maxime collection, taupe color in solid pine Ref 24. This piece of furniture is also available in light gray, dark gray, black, white and honey waxed. The ABCD'AIRE L'Abcd'Aire, a tasty blend of old-fashioned charm and the latest decor trends .80 [email protected] Philemon white wooden dining table Moldings worked by hand in white colors very practical natural wooden tray with its extension to accommodate more people in your interior. You can accommodate up to 8-10 people. DECOTHENTICS Our website: Here is the telephone number: 0825 747 626 Mail: [email protected] Postal address: Décothentics, 16 rue Ampère 67120 DUTTLENHEIM Straight wooden cabinet in bull's eye style (lw1136): Superb straight piece of furniture that can be used as a wardrobe or standing man. Decorated with a high part in gendarme hat, it consists of a mirror, three shelves and two drawers. We like the bull's eye in the upper part which gives a touch of originality to this product. Made of gray-brown wood, it can be painted, stain, wax or leave as is and can be placed in any room of your home. New from L'HERITIER DU TEMPS !!!! - We have moved to international time, Find us now on our new site And follow us on Facebook on our page L'Héritier du Temps - Development of the wholesaler activity: A site reserved exclusively for decoration professionals and a commercial at your service


. INFRARED HEATING INFRANOMIC. Comfort, while achieving up to 50% savings in heating! Resulting from German technology, this revolutionary heating concept has the particularity of heating the masses (walls, furniture, living things, etc.) unlike conventional heating modes (electric, gas, fuel oil, heat pumps) which use the convection to convey heat. The masses being warmer than air, with a constant humidity of 50%, without suspended dust, we obtain better comfort from all points of view: uniform temperature from floor to ceiling, we breathe better, more humidity and mold in the walls and we take advantage of the recognized health benefits of infrared:No maintenance, no maintenance , infrared heating allows significant additional savings (no incidental costs to be expected). This heating mode adapts to all types of situations : It can be installed both on a wall and on the ceiling and thanks to a completely astonishing process, infrared heating becomes a real element of personalized decoration! KLM CONCEPT Infranomic authorized distributor Telephone: 03 88 71 43 99/06 72 70 96 71 Mail: [email protected] Postal address: Sarl KLM Concept, 7b chemin Laeger 67 290 Erckartswiller


. Cubik siding by ORSOL Perfect for giving depth and style to contemporary constructions, CUBIK siding adorns the walls of the house. CUBIK plays with the geometry of the forms and the contrast of the tones to bring a warm and modern atmosphere to any room. The wall is adorned with a texture as if sculpted to create a unique painting. Presented in the form of plates with assemblies of asymmetrical stones, the facing is very easy to install to create a harmonious decor, both unstructured in its form and mastered as a whole. Perfect illustration of ORSOL's technical and aesthetic mastery, the CUBIK siding simply sticks edge to edge and makes it possible to achieve perfect angles with the same plates. No joint filling is necessary, for a perfect result the first time. ORSOL For any information: - 05 56 90 00 00 Painting: Story of Pierre De Provence and the Belle Maguelonne, Bibliotheque Bleue, Troyes, 1738 Dimensions: 46x61 Frame: Black soho Glass: Plexiglass ART.FR 01 70 06 99 57 Antique carafe frame 24805 History frame TABLE SIDE [email protected] 05 56 69 68 68 1 rue Edmond Besse - 33300 Bordeaux PRINTING (underlay) AQUARYL IMPRESS Universal printing based on acrylic resin in aqueous phase. Indoors on common building supports (plaster, gypsum plasterboard, cement and hydraulic plaster), bare or coated with old adherent paints in good condition. Avoids traps on heterogeneous backgrounds, Upholstered, Contains a corrosion inhibitor, Ecolabel certified. O2 MAT Matt paint based on acrylic resin and polyurethane silver in aqueous phase. Indoors for high-end finishing decoration, usual building supports carefully prepared (plaster, plasterboard with cardboard skin, cement and hydraulic coating, wood and non-tannic derivatives). Beautiful stretched appearance, Washable: Class 1, No recovery, Available in all Microcolor Evo shades, Improved gloss resistance compared to a traditional mat, Ecolabel certified in white and shades. Colors produced for the show: Taxi brousse, Anneries and Linlin UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer To find our nearest showroom: [email protected] Tel. : Wall clock old style LW 2001: ¬Easy to fix, this wooden clock is covered with a printed paper with deliberately cracked and aged effects to give it an authentic side. We like the old Paris France inscriptions and the detail of the fleur-de-lis on the needles. New from L'HERITIER DU TEMPS !!!! - We have moved to international time, Find us now on our new site And follow us on Facebook on our page L'Héritier du Temps - Development of the wholesaler activity: A site reserved exclusively for decoration professionals and a commercial at your service


. Linen curtains, sheers, blinds, windshields for doors and windows , but also, bed linen, duvet cover, pillow, table linen, tablecloth, towel, apron, bath linen, textile decoration accessories ... Original creations, tailor-made clothing, customizable linen, embroidery, impeccable finishes in a chic spirit country. THE LAKE WORKSHOPS is our brand of household linen totally made in France , in our workshops near Toulouse. To find a reseller near you or any information on our brand: Our online store for household linen and decoration: T. Email: [email protected] CURTAIN RODS Collection Créaforge curtain rods Ø20mm Curtain rod ends Black lacquered ball: Adjustable supports for curtain rods Ø20x100mm black lacquered: Black lacquered steel curtain rods: Ø20: SECODIR DECO Curtain rods, creator and designer // 2 hydrangea cushions TABLE SIDE [email protected] 05 56 69 68 68 1 rue Edmond Besse - 33300 Bordeaux


. Mazda workshop suspension circa 1960 in gray-black lacquered aluminum. STYLE & STEEL Antiques - Design 123630 "Céleste" lamp base. H. 146 cm FAMILY COUNTER Reader number: 01 47 70 51 12 or Lighthouse wooden floor lamp. Burlap shade. VINCI Lampshade Made in France Dimensions: H158 / D48cmE27 / 100W incandescent Color: naturalSociété COREP creator and manufacturer of lampshades and decorative lighting.Manufacturer of French lampshades in Bègles near Bordeaux (33) You can find our products in most DIY stores. More information on 2 antique BYRON floor lamps TABLE SIDE [email protected] 05 56 69 68 68 1 rue Edmond Besse - 33300 Bordeaux


. 141780 Plate "Camille gris". D. 26 cm 141790 Soup plate "Camille Gris". D. 23 cm 141810 "Camille Gris" dish. D. 15.7 cm 1037 Ivory fork "Bistrot" 1038 Ivory knife "Bistrot" 1039 Ivory tablespoon "Bistrot" 1040 Ivory dessert spoon "Bistrot" 136730 Carafe engraved "Florilège". 120 cl 127440 Box of 6 "Caprice" water glasses. 26 cl 127450 Box of 6 "Caprice" wine glasses. 18 cl FAMILY COUNTER Reader number: 01 47 70 51 12 or Anthracite gray flower placemat EMINZA.COM is your online partner for all the decoration of the house both inside and outside! Need advice? Fancy a decorative item? Visit our portal and discover new products, a Mag and a host of ideas to be at the heart of trends! Eminza offers you four shops (household linen, garden furniture, bathroom decoration and Christmas decoration) specializing in different worlds, to easily find everything you need to create your atmosphere! Our articles are most often presented according to themes that we have selected, which will help you to design a harmonious decoration in one click! 8 Ginger presentation plates 23475 8 Ginger flat plates 23476 8 Ginger dessert plates 23477 8 Ginger breakfast cups 23479 8 Style 20332 water glasses 8 Style 20331 wine glasses TABLE SIDE [email protected] 05 56 69 68 68 1 rue Edmond Besse - 33300 Bordeaux


. 612470 Tealight holder. H. 37 cm GARDEN OF ULYSSE // Reader number: Vases bottles of brandy TABLE SIDE [email protected] 05 56 69 68 68 1 rue Edmond Besse - 33300 Bordeaux 124600 Gulliver glass tealight holder. D. 30 cm, H. 100 cm 128600 Tealight holder Gulliver Margot. D. 27 cm, H. 80 cm 110300 Marie-Antoinette chandelier. D. 34 cm, H. 53 cm 202001 Classic 20 White. D. 2.2 cm, H. 27 cm, 8 hours of combustion FINAL POINT Bouquets of flowers Créa'Flaure // Facebook links // Telephone number: Email address: [email protected] Postal address : 10 place du marché, 45340, Beaune la Rolande Bougies PARTYLITE PARTYLITE, essential player and true decoration expert. Founded in 1973 in the United States, PartyLite is today a global company present in 21 countries that offers a wide choice of high-quality fragrances and decoration accessories, with more than a hundred new products each year. Launched in 1999 on the French market, it now generates € 60 million in sales there. Visuals to download here // reader info: Facebook page: // Fref = ts


. With the Placo® Phonique blue plate, halve the noise coming from the living room! Recognizable by its blue color, plasterboard Placo® Phonic halves noise from room to room compared to a standard sheet work. It is its core of high density plate which allows it to dampen the noises and thus clearly improve the acoustic comfort of a home. In living rooms such as the living room, the plate Placo® Phonic limits the propagation of noise in order to preserve the tranquility of everyone in the home. Easy to install, this acoustic plasterboard can be applied to partitions, ceilings and frame linings, both new and under renovation. For more information, visit


. ROCKPLUS KRAFT Rockplus kraft is a rigid mono-density stone wool insulation panel covered with a polyethylene kraft vapor barrier Its main application is the insulation of walls from the inside, partitions on frameworks or masonry partitions. This product is certified ACERMI n ° 02/015/043. Most : it has the best thermal performance available in thicknesses from 40 to 200 mm. Its lambda is 33mW / m.K and its density of 70kg / m3 Benefits : Excellent thermal performance which guarantees comfort in winter and summer. Excellent acoustic performance. The panels are rigid and therefore do not settle over time. This product, very easy to use, can also be laid in fitted roof spaces. Rock wool is a healthy material, made from basalt. It is ecological and infinitely recyclable. EASYROCK 200mm The EASYROCK roll is an insulating rock wool roll coated with a polyethylene kraft vapor barrier. EASYROCK is perfectly suited for insulating fitted roof spaces, with installation in a horizontal direction (perpendicular to the rafters). The most: - performance in thermal and acoustic insulation - simplicity of installation: super practical, it takes place in the blink of an eye! Rock wool is a healthy and natural material because it is made up of 97% volcanic rock: basalt. It has been used and proven for more than 70 years to insulate all types of buildings, inside or outside, whether walls, roofs, roof spaces, chimney or heating flues. It is a thermal and acoustic insulator but which also ensures great fire safety because, by its nature, it is non-combustible. It is a stable material over time, ecological and infinitely recyclable. Rockwool All Rockwool products are available in DIY stores and professional building brands. Find all the information on the product and its implementation on Our contact details: ROCKWOOL - 111 rue du château des Rentiers - 75013 Paris. Tel: 01 40 77 82 82 - Fax: 01 45 86 80 75