A DIY toy shelf

A DIY toy shelf

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The toes banged against the Lego that hang around the room, we know! What if we offered them a custom shelf rather than piling them up everywhere? It's very simple thanks to the great idea of ​​Cynthia, from the blog Freaky Family Story which explains step by step how to create a DIY storage for the children's room.


You will need: - rolls of toilet paper - a pair of scissors - glue - clothespins - masking tape


1. Start by cutting rounds of about 2.5 cm in your rolls. Do not worry if they deform, they will resume a round shape very easily. We have chosen to do only six to "test" but you are free to do much more.
2. Then you just have to cover the masking tape rolls and stick them to each other with strong glue (or small pieces of double-sided tape) and then hold everything for a while with the clothespins.
3. Once everything is dry, all you have to do is hang the small storage unit on the wall.


And There you go ! A perfect shelf for Lego and figurines of all kinds, and super simple to make!
Thanks to Cynthia for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your homemade storage on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!