The hob will no longer be limited to cooking

The hob will no longer be limited to cooking

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Today, it is possible to connect to the Internet using your phone, tablet, television and even your camera. What if I told you that you will soon be able to surf the web with your cooktop ... All this is not science fiction, it is an innovation signed Whirpool which will be tomorrow in all kitchens. How it works ? Discover the incredible Interactive Cooktop.

Whirpool, a great brand that bets on the future

The day after the IFA fair in Berlin, we have dozens and dozens of innovations to present to you, such as the Interactive Cooktop. This futuristic hob was created by the leading brand of household appliances: Whirpool. The latter has nearly 70,000 employees worldwide as well as 60 production sites. Whirpool is present worldwide and works alongside professionals and individuals. The brand still has a bright future ahead of it since it knows how to innovate and project itself into the future.

Zoom on the Interactive Cooktop hob

The Interactive Cooktop cooktop is a revolution. It combines all the functions of induction hobs with those of a touch pad, while offering culinary assistance. So, for the preparation of your meals, you can choose a recipe directly on your hob and then make it step by step. The cooking zones are not fixed, they adapt to the number of dishes placed and their size. At the same time, you can check your emails, share your culinary exploits on social networks or keep an eye on the news.

Friendliness is essential

The Interactive Cooktop hob is also very user-friendly. In fact, it is possible to install the system on a central island and thus be as close as possible to those close to you or your guests. To guarantee the success of all your meals, you can activate your playlist on Deezer or Spotify, find decorating tips to have a perfect table or start a quiz for your guests. All these options are made possible thanks to the keyboard which allows quick searches and optimal use of all the functions of the hob.

The connected kitchen

Like LG and its Smart Home range, Whirpool is launching into the connected kitchen. The arrival on the market of the Interactive Cooktop cooktop does not happen on its own. A whole range of household appliances has been created by Whirpool. The leading brand has also implemented the 6ème Sens Live application to manage all the elements. From your cooktop, you will be able to know the contents of your refrigerator and look for recipes that can be made from these foods, you will be able to know the remaining time of the cycle of your washing machine and many other things.

When will the marketing start?

To date, it is impossible to know the date of exit from the Interactive Cooktop or its price. This innovation is presented at numerous habitat and innovation fairs. To see more, check out a video uploaded by Whirlpool!