I'm stripping a wooden door

I'm stripping a wooden door

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It is common to find doors in old houses or apartments that have received several coats of paint. To strip them, you need energy, water and a natural product. You also have to know how to take your pain patiently, but nothing is impossible!

Step 1 - I prepare the door for stripping

I dismantle the door, I put it on trestles, if possible in the open air and on a floor that fears nothing. I then disassemble handles and locks.

Step 2 - I use an electric sander

Stripping a door will take a lot of my energy. So I choose to limit the sanding step using an electric sander. I put a sanding cloth with a coarse grain for the first layer.

Step 3 - I start sanding

I operate the sander and lay it flat on the door, making slight rotational movements and pressing a little. This operation is very dusty, which is why it is better to wear a mask and work in the open air.

Step 4 - I polish the moldings

If my door has moldings, which is often the case with old doors, the sander will not be able to reach the rough edges. In this case, I use a wood chisel, which I use as a scraper. I will take care of dusting using a brush, to check the work.

Step 5 - I prepare St Marc laundry

I take St Marc detergent and dilute it with 20 grams per liter of water (allow about 3 liters).

Step 6 - I wash

Using a stiff bristle brush or a quackgrass brush, I wash the door with the preparation. I then deposit a maximum of water with detergent added to the door and leave it to work overnight.

Step 7 - I rinse the door

The most practical is to be able to rinse the door with a high pressure cleaner. I can also do this with the quackgrass brush or with a large sponge. It is rare that this kind of door has received a single coat of paint. I repeat all of the previous steps several times: very often once per coat.

Step 8 - I'm looking for the best solution for the moldings

Regarding moldings, they often received several coats of paint. It will be necessary to find the adequate tool which will help you in stripping. Here, I took turns the wood chisel, sandpaper and a bronze brush.

Step 9 - I take care of the finishing touches

After a last pass of the high pressure cleaner and a sanding with a fine paper, my door is ready. Here, the goal is to repaint it, so I did not try to remove all the paint, but I removed the different layers of paint and the roughness. To wax it, it would have been necessary to repeat these operations once or twice. It is up to you to know if the quality of the door is worth leaving the wood bare or if it is better to repaint it after stripping.