Make a Halloween pumpkin

Make a Halloween pumpkin

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Halloween is a pagan Anglo-Saxon celebration celebrated on the eve of All Saints' Day, the evening of October 31. You have to go back to the Celts to find the origins of this festival. The latter knew only two seasons, a clear season and a dark season. The transition between these two seasons was considered conducive to communication with the other world and to supernatural events. The Christian church made it the day of the saints, All Saints. But the tradition continues, and on the eve of All Saints 'Day, we celebrate Halloween, which means "All Saints' Eve". The iconic pumpkin, for its part, comes from Irish tales, in which an ugly guy named Jack played the devil. When he died, paradise was denied him, and even the devil - to whom he had caused so much misery - refused him the gates of hell. Jack was condemned to wander in darkness with his lantern for eternity. Irish tradition continues to bring these tales to life by digging pumpkins (originally turnips) to make lanterns on Halloween, in memory of the horrible Jack and the lost souls. Difficulty : way Cost : around 10 euros (5 euros for the pumpkin, 5 euros for a set of 10 flat candles) Tools required : - a pumpkin - a felt, a sponge - knives, a big beefy one and a thinner one for the details - spoons of different lengths and sizes - flat candles - thick gloves Pumpkins are found at sellers display the days before Halloween. The ideal is to take a pumpkin with its tail (peduncle) which allows it to be better handled and allows some original creations (suspension, hat, etc.). But the important thing is the outfit, a squash is hard, very hard, it is this aspect that must be favored above all. Ours is not very big, barely 20 cm in diameter, but it does not matter, these are not the biggest the meanest!

Step 1 - Prepare the ground

Prepare your work plan, keep away anything that could fall or break, and place newspaper under the pumpkin. Take gloves, big gloves, especially do not use gloves of the "Mappa" type which do not protect anything from an unfortunate stab.

Step 2 - Make a beautiful drawing

We draw with a felt tip the parts to be sculpted. A children's felt is perfect, because it is erased with a sponge, it is very practical in case you have missed his devastating smile for example.

Step 3 - Open the skull

Hmm ... it's a delicate step. Hold the pumpkin firmly and stick your knife in the path of the hat. You will immediately realize the hardness of a pumpkin. For this reason, it is not recommended to let children do this work. Push your knife in at least 5 cm, the skin of the pumpkin is very thick.
Meticulously continue to follow your route, and plan behind a ventilation (a hole) almost plumb where the candle will be, to let out the heat and not to burn the hat.
Here, the hat cut is not round, and the stalk of the pumpkin is a precious ally to remove this cover.

Step 4 - Clear your head

Using a large spoon first, scoop out the inside of the pumpkin, do not be afraid to scrape the walls, there is room. You have to do it otherwise you will see stringy ends through the holes.

Step 5 - Sculpt your pumpkin

Attention, do not forget to put the gloves back on. And always, push your knife deeply or the piece to be removed risks getting caught and you get upset, which is never very good with a knife in your hands.
Ouch, my nose! Small details require patience. If the part to be cut is narrower than the blade of your knife, take a suitable blade. Here, the blade of the Swiss knife can fold at any time, it's really scary, you swim in the middle of a horror film.
And here it is finished! If some make real works of art, nothing beats your own pumpkin, it is the most beautiful horrible in the world!

Step 6 - Light up your lantern

Take a flat candle, they are often sold in packs of 10 or more. Those with an aluminum base are the most practical. To avoid burning yourself, plant the end of the knife in the candle, light the wick and lower the candle to the bottom. Help yourself with a spoon by pressing the candle to remove the tip of the knife.
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