Tiny houses: small houses at low prices

Tiny houses: small houses at low prices

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Carried by the crisis and supported by ecological awareness, many people today decide to turn to a new approach to housing, that of "tiny houses", also called miniature houses. Zoom on this new trend from the United States which combines ingenuity, resourcefulness and low costs!

What are "tiny houses"?

Appeared at the end of the 90s in the United States, under the impulse of designer Jay Schäfer, the concept of "tiny house" is gradually arriving in France. Passionate about a simpler and more environmentally friendly way of life, in 1999 he created the first miniature house. Housing on wheels with an area of ​​10 m² which can reach up to 20 m² with the addition of a mezzanine. An original idea, daring and against the tide, in a country where appearance is king and where the properties all want to be more spacious than each other!

The "tiny houses", a rolling trend!

Built of wood, and most often on wheels, these functional accommodation, halfway between the caravan, the motorhome and the mobile home are attracting more and more followers across the Atlantic. Composed of a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and a bedroom, the space is optimized to the maximum but retains all the comforts one would expect from accommodation .

Living in a tiny house to lighten up your life

The current economic situation pushes individuals to seek solutions to save money and reduce unnecessary expenses in their homes. If you live in a large house, you know that one of the major drawbacks is the cost of energy. Small-scale houses today respond to this problem and also allow savings to be made at other levels: construction, credit, maintenance, etc.

Getting back to basics

For a few years, economic crisis obliges, the nature / ecological trend knows a real craze. Today, individuals want to get back to basics and live in a more sober interior that is closer to them. With tiny houses, this is now possible. Using certain values ​​and codes of yesteryear, but bringing all the modernity of today, these small houses favor natural, authentic and unadorned materials such as wood. Well-being and comfort take precedence. Exit therefore superfluous furniture and accessories, here, we put on the useful and the practical.

A creative organization of space

Difficult to properly arrange a tiny house. Lack of space to store everything, feeling of suffocation, you have to be tricky to find tips to optimize the space. Suspended mezzanine allowing to exploit the double height under ceiling, arrangements in height to free up space on the ground, pieces of furniture two in one… as in the traditional habitats of small size the solutions are numerous!

An answer for precarious housing

Perfect for small budgets and for those who want to build at a lower cost, the financing of a traditional "tiny house" on wheels, is 15,000 euros in self-construction and 25,000 euros by calling a professional. If you plan to make this accommodation your main residence, you will then have to file an authorization request at the town hall to be able to stay more than three months on the same land.

Endless location possibilities

Finally, if you are a nature lover, you will be delighted because this type of accommodation has the advantage of adapting to all types of terrain, including those that are difficult to access. If the building permit is not necessary, the B permit, on the other hand will be imperative if you decide to opt for a traditional tiny house because, as you will have understood, it comes under the mobile home regime.
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