The same for less: a school chair

The same for less: a school chair

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The school chair, flagship of the "classroom" decor

With its frame made of metal tubes and its wooden seat and back, the school chair is recognizable among a thousand. And if she traumatized more than one (s) during childhood in the classroom, it is with pleasure that adult, we find it in our large interiors for a vintage and trendy decor ! 

And what's good about school chairis that it is versatile and can find its place anywhere in the house; if it obviously does the job perfectly behind a desk (adult or in a child's room), it can just as easily be seated around the table. Accompanied by other school chairs, or other seats for a most successful mismatched effect.

The school chair: 1 piece, 1001 styles possible

Although its style is quite simple (a metal frame, a seat plate and a wooden back), the school chair is now available in many models, which will differ by:

  • Thewood species chosen : oak, beech, walnut, or plywood, the wood chosen will determine the color of the seat and back.
  • The wood finishes : the wood of the school chair will remain natural for a 100% authentic appearance, or will be varnished for a more shiny appearance.
  • The metal color and texture : if before the structure of the school chair was only in raw metal, it is now available in an ever wider range of colors; if you want to bring a little pep around your dining table or in your office, you can opt for a yellow, red, black, blue school chair… all tastes are allowed!

How to find a cheap school chair?

The problem with the school chair is that it has been so successful in the decoration world for some time that its price has tended to soar, and there are now models at 350 € room… Fortunately, there are good plans to find cheap school chairs, For example :

  • Seeking school chairs in flea markets, flea markets or garage sales. They will be much cheaper than new in store, and in addition they will be more authentic and will bring maximum cachet to your home.
  • Buy them used on online classifieds sites.
  • Find old school chairs in average condition, but renovate them yourself: you just have to sand them, clean them, protect the wood and re-varnish it, then paint the structure with a spray paint in the color of your choice!
  • Go directly to a school and ask if they don't have old furniture to donate: you will be able to collect, in addition to the chairs, desks, and why not cards or tables!

If on the other hand you are necessarily looking for new school chairs, do not hesitate to go to stores or e-shops for office equipment rather than decoration: the models offered will be basic (plywood and epoxy) but the prices will be very affordable.


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