Tutorial: make a Peter Pan collar in felt

Tutorial: make a Peter Pan collar in felt

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Do you want to start sewing but you don't know where to start? The tutorial of the day is for you! A simple Peter Pan collar thanks to explanations from Marion, from the Bows & Girls blog.


You will need: - a news item: 739839 pattern for Peter Pan collar (to download here) - two sheets of felt - a decorative ribbon - a pair of scissors - thread - a needle - a printer - pins


1. After printing and cutting the actu: 739839 pattern, fix the two parts on the felt sheets with pins, then carefully cut the outline.
2. Remove the actu: 739839 pattern and join the two parts of felt by sewing them.
3. Pin the ribbon along the collar and sew it.


And There you go ! A simple collar to make to customize a classic sweater. And if you want to wear it on several outfits, make it removable by adding a clasp system (either a snap button, or two pieces of ribbon to tie it).

Thanks to Marion for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your Peter Pan collars on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!


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