Tutorial kids: making a piñata

Tutorial kids: making a piñata

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Forget the duck fishing or the treasure hunt, the popular birthday entertainment is the piñata! Simple to make and fun, you can fill it with a choice of treats or small gifts. To make a piñata, you just need to have a place to fix it with space around it (a child tapping on an object = foreseeable disasters) + the great explanations of Stéphanie who shares her good ideas and her talent as well on his blog Pomverte x Minimöm than on his online store.


You will need: - cardboard - gift wrap (here it is golden, but you can choose the one you want). - large scotch tape - glue - scissors - news: 739781 cutter - ruler - pencil


1. Start by drawing 4 triangles of 20x30x30 cm on the cardboard.
2. Cut the triangles with an actu: 739781 cutter.
3. Repeat steps 1. & 2. with triangles of 20x20x20 cm.
4. Tape the 4 largest triangles together.
5. Repeat step 4. with the 4 small triangles. be careful, leave a small opening at the top of the pyramid created.
6. Assemble the two pyramids formed.
7. Cut strips of paper, and then make fringes on each strip.
8. Glue the fringes starting at the bottom of the prism. Always keep the opening free.
9. On the edges, glue the strips together. Do not hesitate to cut off the excess.
10. Cut out a small piece of cardboard and make a small hole in it.
11. Pass the thread through the box, make a loop and tie the thread.
12. All you have to do is fill the piñata, tape the string and close the opening with tape and shiny paper.


And There you go ! A piñata that children will love for their birthday! You can build it with them (hiding the treat step) or prepare it before for a complete surprise!

Thanks to Stéphanie for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your piñatas on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!


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