The eco-responsible furniture brand B.U.D opens its first showroom in Paris

The eco-responsible furniture brand B.U.D opens its first showroom in Paris

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B.U.D, the new eco-responsible furniture brand opened its first showroom this summer on the quays of the 13th arrondissement of Paris. The opportunity to discover the entire collection within, not a shop, but a barge called Vokoli! We tell you a little more about the creations of the brand 100% made in Normandy.

B.U.D, what is it?

Beau-Utile-Durable, here are the three values ​​behind the new B.U.D. Created by the Raison Durable label, it combines the talents of designers and carpenters in its workshop in Normandy to design a range of eco-responsible furniture, in 100% Norman oak, contemporary, simple and robust. First collection born from this "citizen action": Martagny, composed of a bistro table, a family table, a bench, a stool, a bed and a trolley. All delivered raw and removable. It is then up to you to develop your own finishes or to keep the furniture in its natural state. The greenest thing that appeals to us: the B.U.D barge delivers its orders by water every three months in Paris!

A barge showroom in the capital

Located a stone's throw from the François Mitterrand library in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, the B.U.D barge-showroom is a real meeting and exchange place around subjects such as design and of course sustainable development. Jean-Louis and Fred, the two sailors associated with the adventure, invite you to come and discover and test the furniture in the hold. Nice, right?

B.U.D Showroom

13 quai Panhard Lavassor, Paris, 13th Open Monday to Saturday from 10h to 19 by appointment Contact for appointment: [email protected] More info: