Vegetarian cuisine: our favorite books

Vegetarian cuisine: our favorite books

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What if you too adopted the veggie trend? Since vegetarian cuisine is not just for vegetarians, after all, why not get started? The meatless recipes are varied and delicious, often easy to make and showcase ingredients such as tofu, quinoa or even soy. To help you get started, we present our three favorite books on vegetarian cuisine.

My first vegetarian dinner, by Alice Hart

Let's start our tour of vegetarian books with the work by Londoner Alice Hart published in 2010: My first vegetarian dinner. Ideal when you want to join a meat-free diet! Inside, we discover nearly 141 recipes that do not require the equipment of a great chef, nor to be an ace of the stoves! In addition, each recipe is accompanied by a very nice photo, we only have one desire while leafing through each page: get started! Contrary to what its title suggests, Alice Hart's book is not only reserved for vegetarians, but is also intended for those who seek to reduce their consumption of meat or who wish to discover new ways of cooking vegetables. , while keeping a good nutritional balance! The recipes offered, in accordance with the seasons, teach you through illustrated step-by-steps to make tofu, fresh cheese or even yogurts ... Our 3 favorite recipes: Stromboli with olives, Grilled Caesar Salad and Swiss chard and brie Mini-muffins. Yum !
Marabout, 19.90 euros

Green, by Anya Kassoff

We owe the Green cookbook to blogger Anya Kassoff, creator of Golubka, recognized in the press as one of the best vegan and gluten-free recipe sites. Of Russian origin, it was while arriving in the United States that the latter began to take an interest in vegetarian cuisine, amazed by the abundance of fruits and vegetables offered throughout the year. In the introduction, before starting the recipes, the author lists the ingredients she uses on a daily basis and provides some details on their use. The recipes are then classified into four themes: Breakfast and snacks; Cooking is fun; Savory dishes; Tea time: cakes and desserts. Our 3 favorite recipes: Tartlets with mushrooms and rutabaga, Bean and quinoa salad with mint and Chili with black lentils and butternut squash.
Editions La Plage, 24.95 euros

Vegetarian cuisine, by Laure Kié

Laure Kié, a young Franco-Japanese woman, is known in the world of cooking for her Japanese recipe books. In April 2014, the author published a book on vegetarian cuisine, and it was a real favorite! Whether you are a vegetarian or not, this book guides you through the seasons and advises you on the key ingredients of vegetarian cuisine to make tasty recipes that make you want to do without meat. We love the photos by Patrice Hauser, which make us want to test all the recipes (there are still 80!) We also like the workshops in the form of step-by-step to learn how to germinate seeds, to make your broth, bread or homemade yogurt. We highly recommend it for beginners! Our 3 favorite recipes: Mini-casseroles of pumpkin in coconut milk, Corn cappuccino and Ratatouille frittata.
Mango, 19.95 euros


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