The same for less: a Scandinavian candle holder

The same for less: a Scandinavian candle holder

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To all lovers of the Scandinavian style, you too are bound to be charmed by the graceful wooden candle holders from the North. Worked curves, neat finishes, they make us succumb no matter where we dare to install them. The editor's challenge this week: finding two, to bring our much-loved Nordic touch to our winter decor. To light up and warm up our interiors, a few candles placed here and there are enough. Especially if the latter are well supported! We love the pretty wooden candlesticks with Scandinavian lines and a decidedly retro look. Our favorite: the Rolf model from Freemover by designer Maria Lovisa Dahlberg, which pays homage to the 50s and 60s. Made of teak and the purest aesthetics, it harmonizes equally well with the lounge buffet than on a table setting. If its price can frighten some, know that the Swedish H&M Home offers its interpretation of the Scandinavian candle holder at a much more affordable price. All you have to do is choose your little darling!

The Rolf Teck Freemover candle holder at La Maison d'Anna G. at € 79 / The wooden candle holder at H&M Home at € 9.99