What to prune (or not) before winter?

What to prune (or not) before winter?

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Here we are ! Autumn is in full swing and dead leaves are invading the garden. Like every year, we are a bit lost in the work to be done. Which plants should be pruned in the fall? Which ones should you especially not touch? To find out, we went to Truffaut. Once again, Pierre welcomed us warmly and answered all of our questions.

Which plants should be pruned in the fall?

There are many ! In the garden you have to start with the tubers. If you wait for the first frosts, you risk losing your plants. Cut the stems about ten centimeters from the ground and tear off the bulbs. These must be kept in your garage or garden shed. All climbing plants should be pruned in the fall. Whether it is ivy, vine or hydrangea, if you do not prune them, you risk being overgrown.

Should we get rid of all faded plants?

You must prune the withered stems of shrubs like plants. Simply use a pruner and place your green waste in a composter. Dead plants should be removed, especially if you have pretty beds that you maintain throughout the year.

Should you trim your hedge?

Yes, but the size should be moderate. If the branches are no longer protected, they are very exposed to the cold and you risk losing part of your hedge.

Should you prune your roses?

Those who live in the Mediterranean regions or on the Atlantic Coast must prune their roses in the fall. On the other hand, the inhabitants of the cooler regions must refrain because the first frosts are earlier.

Are there prunings to be made in the vegetable garden?

It's a great question because yes, there are. If you grow aromatic plants, be aware that you must harvest them in the fall or you will lose them. Some spices can be dried, others frozen, the most appropriate method for you. In general, it is necessary to remove past fruits and vegetables in order to make new space for new plantings. Plants can be placed in your composter.

What to leave in the fall?

Avoid touching shrubs or non-flowering plants. If they are adapted to your region, these plants have a biological rhythm that changes with the seasons. Of course, there are always exceptions. So do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals or inquire online.


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