Stone staircase: how to clean and maintain it?

Stone staircase: how to clean and maintain it?

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If the stone stairs bring an authentic side and an added value to the space they dress, they unfortunately have the major disadvantage of being very sensitive to stains. Hence the need for regular maintenance! Whether your staircase is made of marble, granite, blue stone or Burgundy stone, the editorial team invites you to discover its tips and advice for cleaning and maintaining your stone staircase successfully. Demonstration!

Maintain the steps of your stone staircase

To preserve the condition of your stone staircase, the maintenance of the steps deserves some attention. Even if it seems obvious, the first thing to do is to vacuum the dust, taking care to go into every corner.
Once this action is done, you can use a mop soaked in water and added Marseille soap or a few drops of black soap. Are your steps very dirty? Do not panic ! You just need to rub each of them with a wet brush of a solution based on hot water and soda crystals. All you have to do is rinse with clear water. Good to know : Never use bleach, chemicals, or acids to clean your stone staircase. You could seriously damage it!

Remove stubborn stains from your stone staircase

Many grandmother's tricks exist which will allow you to find your own internal or external staircase as on the first day. Be aware, however, that most stains can be removed using a brush soaked in water and sprinkled with baking soda.
By applying a light paste composed of a third of baking soda and two thirds of pumice powder, you can also easily remove stubborn stains. If you decide to opt for this solution, don't forget to let it dry and then rinse.
Also note that oil and lemon can also work miracles. Using a cloth soaked in cooking oil and a drop of lemon, make circular movements. The stain should gradually disappear.

Protect your stone staircase

Once your staircase has been cleaned and your stains removed, don't forget to protect it durably with an anti-stain and waterproofing product. The function of this product: fight against the penetration of water, pollution and dirt.


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