Before / After: a two-room apartment of 30m2 in Paris

Before / After: a two-room apartment of 30m2 in Paris

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This apartment in the 17th arrondissement of Paris has had a facelift! Repair of all the paintings, recovery of the parquet floor under the carpet, everything has been done so that the light brightens up this well-appointed two-room apartment. The little extra imagined by the decorator Laurence Garrisson: the use of indigo blue and natural wood to offer the whole a little freshness and classic modernity. Area : 30m2 Budget : 16,000 euros

A very sweet living room

Before : With its worn carpet and its powdery pink which has left behind its best years, the living room dreams of a good clean up! After : Once the paintings have been redone and the parquet forgotten under the renovated carpet, the living room finds a second youth. To save space, a console has been installed along the wall and unfolds only at table time. Convenient !

The fireplace corner

Before : The fireplace corner of the living room is a real catch-all between the many pieces of furniture and accessories and the chimney edge not at all highlighted. After : How unfortunate not to take advantage of the existing fireplace in the apartment! Once the formwork removed, the latter gave itself a little beauty and warms the room again! Good game ! As for the rest of this corner, it has been uncluttered to give the room a feeling of space.

Indigo blue accents

Before : This corner of the living room, with past paint, does not reflect any decorative bias. Only the bookcase is an idea to keep to optimize the square centimeters. After : The white window curtains have given way to indigo veils which contrast with the immaculate white of the walls and the sofa.

Goodbye carpet, hello parquet in the bedroom

Before : Old paint, old-fashioned carpet and old-fashioned bed linen, the room before renovation reveals a super old-fashioned style that darkens the room. After : The parquet floor found its letters of nobility once the carpet was removed and a nice repair. Walls and cupboards were repainted in a bright white and the bed took place on the opposite wall. The brightness is finally there and the indigo blue is still proven to add a colorful note to the whole. Laurence Garrisson, designer decorator //


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