Which plants to choose for an arbor?

Which plants to choose for an arbor?

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In anticipation of the next beautiful season and the interludes beneath the arbor looming on the horizon, it is time to look at the plants to choose to create a green and flowery haven of peace. To get answers to our questions, we went to Jardiland where we met Charly, a nature enthusiast with overflowing ideas.

What are the essential points to plan before choosing the plants for an arbor?

We must first think of the quality of the soil. With rare exceptions like Glycine which offers abundant flowering in poor soil, it is essential to install the plants in good quality soil. It is just as fundamental to ensure that the arbor is strong and stable enough to support the weight of certain plants. Finally, it is better to avoid plants whose hornets love it if you want to take advantage of this luxuriant little paradise without limit.

Which plants should be favored for an arbor?

An arbor being a vertical structure, it lends itself particularly well to climbing plants. By choosing your plants wisely, you will bring movement to your little corner of nature, and create a nice colorful dynamism thanks to the floral stems but also to the decorative leaves of certain specimens such as hops and ivy. Do not forget to use and abuse the delicate scents offered by clematis, certain climbing roses, jasmine or the essential honeysuckle. But know that these are honey: they attract bees.

Can we use the arbor as a support for fruit trees?

It is an excellent idea indeed, and which allows to combine the useful with the pleasant in the garden. Creating a gourmet arbor is very much in trend, especially in the southern regions. You can install a pear tree, climbing strawberries, a raspberry tree, a few vines, a couple of Actinidia to taste kiwis. You can also opt for cucurbits: a very nice way to bring shade and originality to the arbor.

Can we use evergreen plants to vegetate an arbor?

Of course, evergreen plants bring greenery to the garden during the winter. But it is recommended not to abuse it when the arbor is in the immediate vicinity of a window of the house. It is preferable to opt for deciduous plants so as not to mask the rays of the sun and thus allow the light to better invite itself into the house.

Between annuals and perennials, what do you recommend?

Annual plants and perennials have their place near an arbor. Annuals bring that ephemeral touch that allows you to change each year of decoration. This is the case for the Ivory Voltis to be sown in the spring, Sweet Peas and Nasturtium. Perennial plants dispense with sowing new plants every year: the best example is the Bignone which offers spectacular flowering, and which alone can completely cover the arbor.