Tutorial: make a Christmas star with UHU glues

Tutorial: make a Christmas star with UHU glues

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This year, the Christmas decorations will be homemade! After the tutorial to make Christmas balls with old bulbs, we are now learning how to create a paper star suspension thanks to the step-by-step explanations of UHU glues!


You will need: - 1 bottle of UHU Twist & Glue glue - 1 paper pencil - 1 precision knife - 1 pair of sharp scissors - 1 ruler - 1 cutting plane (or a cardboard thick enough to protect your table) - 2 A4 sheets of transparent decorative paper - 2 A4 sheets of tracing paper - 1 A2 sheet of white cardstock> 350g - 2 A4 sheets of white cardstock> 350g - Silver wire - White organza ribbon - 2 transparent pearls of diameter 14 mm - 2 silver pearls and 2 pearly pearls with a diameter of 8 mm - templates to download here


1. Position the templates (to download here ) on a cardboard A4 sheet. Using the ruler and the pencil, redraw the shapes B, C, D, E and F (x2) by pressing firmly through the template sheet in order to engrave the shapes on the card stock placed below. Cut out the shapes obtained. To make the largest star, proceed in the same way and reproduce the template A on the cardboard sheet A2. We then obtain a quarter star. Repeat the operation 3 times by juxtaposing one after the other the quarters on the dotted borders, in order to form the complete star. Cut out the whole. Lean on the cutting plane and, following the solid lines, cut with the precision knife the interior parts of the star A. Do not cut the dotted lines which will be folded down later. Also cut out the interior of stars D and B. Duplicate form E in 16 copies, from its template, on the sheets of transparent decorative paper.
2. Fold the dotted parts of the star, the small triangles and the "windows", upwards.
3. Cover the back of the main star (A) with the two tracing sheets positioned one next to the other and with UHU Twist & Glue glue. Proceed in the same way with stars B and D.
4. Glue the 16 cutouts of decorative paper (E) in the small "windows" of the main star A using UHU Twist & Glue glue on the borders of each.
5. With the UHU Twist & Glue glue, glue the smallest star (C) to the heart of the transparent part of star B. Fold the two spacers (F) and glue them side by side, in the center of the star A, to form a cubic extension. Using UHU Twist & Glue, glue the star B on this support.
6. On star D, create a small horizontal slit. Slip the organza ribbon on it and let it protrude on each side by about 30 cm. Join the two parts of the ribbon to slide one of the largest beads. Opposite the slot, drill a small hole, slide the silver wire into it so that it protrudes on each side of it. Bring the two ends together and slide 4 white and gold pearls into it. On one of the points of the largest star (A), drill a small hole to slide in and attach the ends of the silver l and thus join the stars A and D. Then, on the opposite point, create a new small slit for sliding organza ribbon. Proceed as for star D. Allow the ends of the ribbon to protrude 30 cm and slide a transparent pearl into it.


And there you are, your star is finished! You just have to hang it on your tree or on a nail to make a wall decoration!
And for other tutorial ideas to make with UHU equipment, go to their creative leisure section!