The essential utensils for the invisible cake

The essential utensils for the invisible cake

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After the magic cake, it is now the invisible cake's turn to invade the blogosphere although it was created in 2008. This apple or pear cake is called invisible cake because there are so many fruit inside (almost 1kg) that you can hardly distinguish the dough from the cake. The fruits will absorb it almost completely. The batter is comparable to that of a pancake batter. The combination of fruit and dough gives an extremely tasty and melting result. It is to the culinary blogger "Eryn folle cuisine" that we owe this little gem of indulgence. Today, we tell you everything about the essential utensils to make your invisible cake a success.

The electric mixer, the base, the essential

Always essential, the electric mixer will, for this recipe, beat the eggs with the sugar, until the mixture turns white. Then add the rest of the ingredients. This will allow you during this time to advance in the recipe by peeling your apples.

Use a mandolin for a perfect result

For a perfect invisible cake, the apple or pear slices must be very thinly sliced. So they will absorb the dough much more easily. To obtain thin and regular slices you have no choice, you will need to use a mandolin. In addition, the latter will save you time. Be careful with your fingers, however! For added safety, you must use the mandolin cart.

A mold according to your inspiration of the moment

For this cake you have a choice. A soufflé mold, for a very high rendering. A square dish for a cupcake to share, or a gratin dish for a family dessert. If the latter option appeals to you, you will need to double the proportions of the recipe.

An efficient oven for melting apples

For the baking of the invisible cake, it takes 35 minutes at 200 ° C. Remember to adapt the cooking time according to the mold you have chosen. If you have chosen the soufflé dish, you will extend the cooking time for 15 minutes. Let the cake cool before tasting it. And if you can resist the temptation to devour it right away, hide it in your fridge, it will be even better the next day!