Sandy soil: which plants to choose?

Sandy soil: which plants to choose?

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Do you want to create a little corner of nature where you can lounge, read, dine with family and friends? Or do you think that in your sandy soil no plant can thrive? Rest assured: there are a multitude of plants for sandy soil. This is what Charly de Jardiland confirmed to us by giving us some precious advice to make sure you succeed in a little green paradise on sandy soil.

Certain regions of France have sandy soil. Are there any advantages to this type of terrain?

Sandy soil has advantages for plants that are made to thrive as soon as they are, by nature, adapted to it. It is a very breathable soil. This is a great asset because the earth heats up quickly, which makes it possible to conserve frost plants in winter and to favor the germination of seedlings in spring. The sandy soil is also light, friable, and gardeners like it because it is very easy to work.

Should we water more often if we have sandy soil?

As the sandy soil is just as permeable to water as it is to air, it requires frequent watering during the summer, during periods of drought or in very dry winds. Consequently, it is essential to regularly fertilize or amend sandy soils because if they do not retain water, they also do not retain the nutrients that plants need to develop.

Which plants can support sandy soil?

Although there are fewer plants for sandy soil than plants that are pleasant in other types of soil, there are still enough varieties to allow, in our climates, to transform a garden, a balcony or a terrace in a true paradise place. Fruit trees, flowering plants, decorative foliage plants, vegetables: the choice is vast!

Do you have some suggestions for planting sandy soil?

To create a shade, acacia, eucalyptus and phoenix are splendid trees to favor in regions with a temperate or even Mediterranean climate. If you don't have enough space, choose shrubs for sandy soils with low development such as St. John's wort or laburnum. For a gourmet garden, opt for the fig tree, beans, strawberries, asparagus, vines, aromatic plants such as thyme, chives, rosemary. Something to tantalize your taste buds!

Can we also see flowering plants flourish in sandy soil?

You can grow geranium, all varieties combined, as well as agapanthus for example. These plants will brighten up your corner of nature all summer long. Lavender with delicate fragrance, cineraria and ficoids will embellish your borders. Do not hesitate to add some rustic grasses very useful to stabilize this type of soil. The wind likes to play with their light spikes. Some specimens have a splendid blue evergreen like the sea rye (Leymus arenarius).