How to use the snowflake pattern?

How to use the snowflake pattern?

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If there is one essential motif of winter, it is the snowflake! Whether for Christmas or the February holidays, many people dream of a white coat. So to put your home in the winter mood, we tell you how to adopt the snowflake pattern in a jiffy.

Christmas decorations

For the holidays, the snowflake will be your ally. It has the advantage of being installed in a traditional red and white decoration as well as in an entirely white decor more design. You will find snowflakes to hang in your tree, garlands of light using this motif and many accessories to decorate the whole house with candle holders and other trinkets. In addition, you can use artificial snow and a stencil to decorate your windows with snowflakes while waiting for the real flakes.

The chalet atmosphere

And so that the snowflakes remain in your decor even after the holidays, it is on the chalet atmosphere that we will have to bet. We then opt for a traditional atmosphere where the snowflake is raised to the rank of an icon of the mountain. This involves red linens with beautiful white flakes that can be found on duvet covers as well as on plaids and cushions. And because a chalet atmosphere without wood would not really be one, you will also find wooden accessories engraved with a snowflake that are sure to set the scene.
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