Metal staircase: how to clean and maintain it?

Metal staircase: how to clean and maintain it?

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Whether your metal staircase is located inside or outside your home, it requires regular maintenance to prevent it from becoming covered with stains or rust over time. To help you in this task, the editorial team invites you to discover its advice and tips for cleaning and maintaining your metal staircase in the state of the art. Demonstration!

Clean your metal staircase

To regain the radiance of your staircase, start by vacuuming or brooming your staircase. Once the dust is gone, wipe it with a mop using a solution of warm water and Marseille soap (or dishwashing liquid).

Removing a stain on your metal staircase

Whether your staircase is made of iron, aluminum or zinc, stains on metal are not inevitable. By using suitable products, you will easily get around it. For your iron staircase, mix in a bowl 50 cl of hot water with a tablespoon of lye and a glass of detergent. Apply this solution on your stain using a sponge. When it has disappeared, all you have to do is rinse the area and then polish it with a polishing paste and a cotton or felt polishing disc.
Nothing very complicated for your aluminum staircase! Just rub the stain with a sponge soaked in soapy water. When the result is satisfactory, you just have to rinse and wipe with a chamois. Note that the glass product can also do the trick.
Is your staircase made of zinc? Put on protective gloves and then pour a liter of water and a glass of ammonia into a bowl. You don't have ammonia? Do not panic ! You can trade it for baking soda or soda crystals. Rub this solution on your stain using a quackgrass brush. Wait five minutes, rinse with clear water and allow to dry.

Remove and treat rust on your staircase

Does your staircase show traces of rust? There are solutions that will allow it to regain its quality and aesthetics of yesteryear.
First step: deep stripping. To do this, clean the attacked surface with a sander. If the paint is blistering, remove it with a spatula. For uneven or hard to reach surfaces, consider using a wire brush to remove rust. When all traces of rust have disappeared, finish sanding with steel wool or emery cloth. All you have to do is vacuum the dust and then treat your staircase. Good to know : Anti-rust products will also be precious allies. Applied with a brush, they will effectively destroy rust and prevent you from sanding and scraping your stairs.
To prevent your metal staircase from rusting again, it is essential to treat it in order to prevent the reappearance of rust. For that, nothing very complicated! You just need to apply lead oxide paint on your staircase. An operation that you can repeat every two years, especially if it is located outside your home.


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