Tutorial: making Christmas decorations with branches

Tutorial: making Christmas decorations with branches

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Decorations of recovered fir, natures and pretty? This is the tutorial of the day, by Claire, from the blog Claire in all its glory. This tutorial can be done in two ways, either with an update: 739787 woodburner, for a more precise result, or with a fine-tipped pen (provided your wood is soft). But in both cases, the result will be warm and original! duration : about two hours Cost : around 30 € of tools (reusable)


You will need: - a tree branch about 5 cm in diameter - a saw - a drill - a pencil - a news item: 739787 pyrography or a fine point pen. - string, ribbon or raffia


1. First of all, you need to cut your branch into rings about 1 cm thick. If you don't have a branch, a saw, or the desire to transform yourself into a lumberjack, there are wooden slices already cut in a hobby store.
2. Then, using a small wood drill, drill a hole at the top of each of your washers.
3. Then draw your patterns in pencil. Owl, deer, flakes, fir, give free rein to your imagination and use the ribs and knots of wood to give life to your drawings! If you have trouble drawing, you can use stencils to make your designs.
4. Once you like your drawings, heat the actu: 739787 pyrograveur and iron your contours. You can also simply iron the contours with a black pen with a very fine point, pressing hard to create veins in the wood.


And now, your decorations are finished! It remains only to slip a piece of ribbon or raffia in the drilled holes, and hang your creations on the tree!

Thanks to Claire for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your DIY Christmas decorations on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!


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