The essential Christmas wreath

The essential Christmas wreath

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As Christmas approaches, tradition dictates that a wreath be installed on the front door. If the meaning of this gesture is not certain, it nevertheless allows you to decorate your home to wait for the holidays. We therefore invite you to discover some ideas for your Christmas wreath.

The origin of the Christmas wreath

The origin of this tradition is very vague. Some see it as a way to celebrate the winter solstice of December 21 by bringing life to the front doors. The wheel then symbolizing the renewal of nature and the cycle of the seasons. Furthermore, the crown could also be an adaptation of the tradition of the Advent crown. Originally it is placed on the table and has four candles that are lit every Advent Sunday to await the arrival of Christmas. Nowadays, the crown is rather a decorative element symbolizing the holidays and the warm spirit of Christmas. It would be a way of welcoming his guests and a symbol of hospitality.

Traditional crowns and their revival

No matter what meaning it is given, the Christmas wreath is a real decorative element that contributes to the holiday atmosphere. Traditionally, the wreath is made with fir branches and it is decorated with balls or a few branches of holly to put your guests in the Christmas mood from the entrance of the house. You can buy it naked and decorate it as you wish! Another favorite: crowns made only of decorative elements such as stars, pine cones or even simple decorative balls. For children, we love this time the wooden wreaths on which Santa Claus and reindeer invite themselves in soft cuddly toys. Sure they're all going to want theirs on their bedroom door! Finally, for a more Nordic decor, let yourself be seduced by the fabric or wool models that will adorn the entrance with a lot of authenticity.
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