Christmas: chic gift ideas

Christmas: chic gift ideas

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To make beautiful gifts without breaking the bank, you will find decorative objects with chic and elegant lines that are sure to make an impact when opening packages. Follow the guide to find your way in all these gift ideas!

Take into account several criteria

Before making your choice, start by determining the profile of the person to whom you want to offer a nice gift. Know, in fact, that it will be easier to offer an object for the house to a woman. Similarly, take into account the space available in the person. If the latter lives in a studio, for example choose space-saving or practical objects.

Choose beautiful lines

Then, for the gift to take on a chic appearance, it is better to choose objects with beautiful lines. We then opt for a vase with clean lines or a slender candle holder. Prefer fairly neutral colors like white, black or natural colors so that the object pleases more easily and fits best in the decor.

Make a personalized gift

As for the type of object, you have the choice! Do not hesitate to select a gift according to the character of the person. If she likes to entertain, you can opt for beautiful wine glasses or presentation dishes like a servant. If she likes to stay warm at home, why not give her a cozy and thick blanket? Then, know that a beautiful scented candle is always a pleasure, and that a lamp is always appreciated! Discover all our ideas without further delay!
1. The chevron plaid, 175 € at Arpin / 2. The servant with two Seletti trays, 48 ​​€ at Deco-Smart / 3. The Tween copper lamp, 95 € at Alinéa / 4. The Leonardo twisted glass vase, 49, € 90 at Delamaison / 5. The Balloon candy dish, € 39.99 at Maisons du Monde / 6. The teak Muubs bread box, € 99 at Decoclico / 7. The Feu de Bois Diptyque scented candle, € 44 at Le Bon Market / 8. The copper insulated pitcher, € 119 at Made in design / 9. The blue wine glass Event, € 6.50 at Habitat / 10. The black chandelier Heima Normann Copenhagen, € 50 at La Redoute Interiors