Architect's advice: 4 I-shaped kitchen plans

Architect's advice: 4 I-shaped kitchen plans

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In the I layout, also called "linear", the furniture and household appliances are arranged in alignment on a single section of wall. If this section is short, it will be necessary to install tall elements in order to benefit from sufficient storage. This arrangement is perfectly suited to small, narrow or hallway kitchens. It is ideal for young couples or singles, or even in cities where surfaces are reduced, without obstructing functionality and organization.

2.4 mx 1.3 m kitchen fitted in I

This small kitchen arranged in I of 2.40 mx 1.30 m is the most suitable layout for student accommodation and small studios. The surface of this kitchen space being very reduced, it requires the installation of a small top fridge, allowing to keep all the space in height for storage furniture arranged over the entire length. The circular sink brings a pleasant aesthetic note and saves space. The desire to save space is accentuated here by the installation of a folding table against the wall, thus freeing up the circulation space outside meal times.

Kitchen of 4 m x 1.4 m arranged in I

This 4m x 1.40m I-shaped kitchen is a typical case for renovating old apartments. It is located in an old corridor and is traversing (located between two rooms). Here, no tall elements, in order to keep a light perspective and without loss of light. The visual field is thus uncluttered. Very practical, low sliding storage units are installed, and at the end of the shelf, there are rounded shelves which soften the angle overlooking the dining area.

Kitchen of 3.6 mx 1.7 m arranged in I

In this 3.6 mx 1.70 m I-shaped kitchen, a sliding door replaces the traditional hinged door in order to free up as much space as possible inside the room. The facades of the high storage spaces can be different aesthetically to lighten the perspective and break the monotony (open, closed, glazed, shelves ...). Finally, opposite the shelf, there is a standing eatery (high side counter-style table) for quick meals or breakfasts. It can also serve as an additional work plan.

Kitchen of 2 m x 4.4 m arranged in I

The presence of the window at the end of the room here requires an I-shaped layout of the kitchen, very comfortable, however, thanks to its 3 worktops arranged so as to separate each household appliance from one another. The linear has a length of 4.4 m. The small width of the room, less than 2.5 m, still leaves the possibility of installing in this kitchen a small bistro table and two chairs.

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