Mistakes to avoid for your festive meal

Mistakes to avoid for your festive meal

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Christmas is fast approaching and like many, you will receive family and loved ones. Your Christmas table should reflect your decor and the meal: perfect! To help you set the most beautiful table, here is a series of tips through 5 mistakes to avoid.

Mistake N ° 1: Putting unsuitable decoration elements

On your table, choose the right decorative elements. The ideal is not to overload the table but above all to avoid the glitter which is likely not only to stick on the arms and the clothes, but also to make a small turn in the succulent dishes which you will have put the day to realize .

Mistake # 2: Not having the right dishes

At Christmas, we don't eat everyday food. We must therefore provide suitable dishes, which means a small plate for each entry, small dishes and cutlery suitable for snails, a cheese platter, tongs or spoons for serving, a sharp knife or knife electric for cutting meat, etc. Once your festive meal and the number of guests are known, check that you have at home the dishes necessary for the presentation of each of your dishes.

Mistake # 3: Not having adequate glasses

We just said, having the right dishes is essential, but it is also very important to have the right glasses. Depending on the dishes that will be served, you have no doubt already made your selection of Grands Crus. But do you have special glasses? A decanter to decant the wine? A champagne bucket? Once again, make sure you have the right glasses and in sufficient quantity from the aperitif to the dessert.

Mistake # 4: Having a poorly set table

It is one thing to have nice dishes, but you have to know how to place them. On your festive table, you must put 2 plates: a large and a small. All the cutlery must be prepared, while knowing that it is always necessary to start with the outermost ones. As a reminder, for a right-handed person the knife is on the right and the fork on the left, and vice versa. Put 3 glasses on your table: a glass of red wine, a glass of white wine and a glass of water. Tablecloths and napkins must be matched and in accordance with the colors and patterns of your dishes. Water and wine are served in a carafe.

Mistake 5: Putting plants that are too big

On your Christmas table, it is advisable to have a plant or a centerpiece. This decorative element must be chosen with care. Avoid ornaments that are too high that will prevent all of the guests from chatting or the fragrant decor that can interfere.


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