I'm getting ready for the Christmas meal

I'm getting ready for the Christmas meal

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The serious things begin. On the kitchen side, it's really time to check the last details before getting your hands dirty. This is the reason why today we offer you a small check-up of kitchen utensils to have absolutely on hand.

Christmas aperitif

A festive meal cannot start without a moment of conviviality and for that, what could be better than an aperitif in the living room before sitting at the table? To make the drink part of your evening a success, don't forget to equip yourself accordingly. It would still be a shame to have to ring the neighbor's bell because you can no longer find the corkscrew. If you opt for champagne, bring a bucket full of ice. It keeps the drink at the right temperature by avoiding back and forth in the kitchen.
1. Altar corkscrew, Peugeot, € 35 2. Noe wine cork, Alessi, € 25 3. Cool Breather refreshing carafe, Menu, € 58.95 4. Tulip champagne bucket, € 18.90

Christmas entrance

Foie gras lovers know that nothing can be done without a terrine worthy of the name. And to be sure of successful cooking, we do not hesitate to invest in a precise cooking probe. Are you more oysters? In this case, we cannot advise you too much to use the right tools to open these fragile shells. On the presentation side, the verrines are still celebrating: by opting for a service of several pieces, we are more comfortable varying the presentations according to the small bites that we wish to present. And since the presentation must be even more careful than usual on reception days, we recommend using small practical utensils like the special glass funnels.
1. Funnel for verrines, Kubb, € 12.99 2. Oyster wedge and oyster knife, Pradel Jean Dubost, € 11.95 3. "Je fais mon foie gras" box set, Alice Délice, € 34.95 4 Verrine set 25 pieces, Mathon, € 44.99 Discover other essential accessories. - Small kitchen utensils to prepare Christmas

The main Christmas dish

Whether it is a turkey, a capon or a goose, the roasting pan is essential especially if the number of guests is large. Again we can only advise you too much to use a cooking thermometer. By choosing a connected model, you will at least have peace of mind and you will be able to follow the conversations of your table neighbors without stressing about the cooking of your dish. Finally the vegetable cutter or mandolin will be your most faithful companion for the preparation of vegetables when it comes to making meticulous cuts for your accompaniments.
1. Companion food processor, Moulinex, € 699 2. Connected cooking thermometer, iDevices, € 69.90 3. Roasting pan, Delamaison, € 35.90 4. Vegetable slicer, Mastrad, € 29.90

Christmas dessert

Are you going to decide this year to make the Christmas dessert yourself? All in your honor ! Remember that for pastry, precision and thoroughness are essential. It is therefore necessary to have equipment worthy of a professional to tackle the sweet part of the Christmas meal. Here are three articles in which you will find the whole list of utensils necessary to make a Yule log, festive cakes or even sweet treats to accompany the end of the evening. - Should we stake for Christmas? - Pretty cakes for Christmas - The essentials to prepare your Christmas treats
Finally, for sweet beaks who want to embark on a culinary challenge other than the traditional log, we can only advise you too much to try a pavlova, a dessert as good as it is beautiful for the holiday season. - Recipe: Autumn Pavlova with KitchenAid's Artisan robot

And even taste it!

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