My plancha starts to candlelight

My plancha starts to candlelight

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Nothing is friendlier than a pancake party. Fragrant, delicious, reassuring, the pancake is a sweetness that delights young and old. And to honor the candlestick as it should be, the Festi'viale Plancha Crêpes Party stands out as obvious. Useful, practical, dietetic and aesthetic, this household appliance has more than one trick up its sleeve. A great gift idea, perfect partner for delicious moments to share with friends or family.

The 10 in 1 plancha

Yes, you had to think about it! The plancha plays the tricks of force with Festi'viale which adapts to the needs of the moment and to the taste whims of each. If it is appreciated for a Party pancake or a batch of pancakes - brunch delights par excellence - it is just as fabulous for cooking vegetables, meat and fish. She is the star of tortillas and kebabs that brighten up our summer evenings in the moonlight, becomes a friend of ultra light meals in summer and winter because it allows to simmer dishes of freshly picked vegetables sprinkled with wonderfully fragrant aromatic herbs . The Festi'viale Plancha Crêpes Party is revolutionizing contemporary gastronomy with its four reversible and interchangeable plates.

Yes to the Festi'viale dietetic plancha with choice of cooking mode

Offering various cooking methods, the Festi'viale plancha with a power of 1500 Watts has something to appeal to the finickiest (and finicky) in terms of food. It is true that today we are looking for healthy cooking without however skipping the gourmet side. Thanks to its six temperature levels and two independent thermostats, each food can be cooked to perfection without overheating. Note that this revolutionary plancha is equipped with a fat-collecting drawer for a dietetic cuisine. Phew! It offers two cooking plates which can be used simultaneously so as not to waste time. Grilled meat, fish, shrimp, squid and plancha vegetables, 19 cm diameter pancakes or 10 cm mini-pancakes can be served at the same time so that none of the guests are on the sidelines.

Essential accessories

Ideal for six people, the Festi'viale plancha is delivered with absolutely essential accessories of impeccable quality. The six wooden tongs prevent guests from burning their fingertips and the two wooden spatulas also facilitate the handling of pancakes and pancakes. As for the thermoplastic cleaning spatula, it is very practical to keep the baking sheets in perfect condition, that is to say of exemplary cleanliness and without any scratches. Obviously, we appreciate the length of the XXL power cord which allows the Festi'viale plancha to be placed in the center of the table, inside and outside, for moments of conviviality to be shared with delight. You can also take it everywhere easily thanks to its carrying handle.
Riviera & Bar, Plancha Festi'viale QC 432 A, indicative retail price: 159.99 euros More information on // Find a wide selection of planchas on our price comparison: equipment to cook at the best price on!